DeKalb Throws Money Around Like it Comes From Their Own Pockets

CEO Thurmond’s Employee Incentive Bonus Plan Approved by DeKalb Commissioners



 Tue, 11/15/2022 – 12:24 PM

Dekalb County

Bonuses include $1,500 for non-sworn frontline employees,
$1,000 for all other employees, and up to $500 in vaccination incentives

Today, DeKalb CEO Michael Thurmond’s plan to provide a one-time, $1,500 retention bonus for non-sworn frontline employees was unanimously approved by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners.

The $1,500 retention bonus will be provided to frontline employees in multiple departments, including, but not limited to, Watershed Management, Sanitation, Library, Parks and Roads and Drainage.

All other employees will receive a $1,000 retention bonus.

“I would like to thank the Board of Commissioners for their unanimous approval of these incentive bonuses that will help us retain our most loyal and valuable employees,” CEO Thurmond said.

In April 2022, Public Safety employees, including sworn police officers, received a base pay increase of 6.25 percent and a $3,000 one-time retention incentive payment.

CEO Thurmond’s plan to offer a second round of DeKalb employee vaccinations incentives was also approved by commissioners. Employees who provide documentation that they have received COVID-19 vaccinations or boosters, or flu shots will be eligible for incentives of up to $500 per person.

An employee vaccination incentive earlier this year resulted in nearly 67 percent of county employees being fully vaccinated for COVID-19. 

My Input:

Joe Biden has taught states and counties to throw money around without consequence. I wasn’t aware that DeKalb Commissioners could just take it upon themselves to decide how to spend our tax dollars.

On top of that, still giving incentives for a gene therapy that has proven to cause more harm, than the virus itself. I still can’t figure out when the County, State and Federal governments because our keepers and began giving incentives to take dangerous shots that are causing many health problems and deaths.

GA Election System Ensures Accuracy of DeKalb Results?

Secretary of State
Brad Raffensperger


Home > News & Announcements > Georgia Election System Ensures Accuracy of DeKalb Results

Georgia Election System Ensures Accuracy of DeKalb Results

June 3rd, 2022

Reposted Under the Fair Use Doctrine

Atlanta— Georgia voters got proof this week of how the state’s election procedures and equipment maintain election integrity when DeKalb County certified its results Friday from the May primary.

“DeKalb County’s ability to quickly identify a discrepancy with their election results is evidence that Georgia’s election system works and is secure,” said State Elections Director Blake Evans. “Thanks to our state’s verifiable paper-based system, DeKalb County has ensured that the results they certified are accurate and reflect the will of their voters.”

Due to an unfortunate series of events starting with census delays, late districting changes by the DeKalb delegation in the legislature, redistricting issues leading to the need for a dual election project, and a candidate withdrawing, DeKalb County had to revert to a hand count to ensure accurate results in the County Commission District 2 race. The issue necessitating the hand count should have been caught by earlier checks in the process, but it was not. However, it was caught as soon as election returns started to come in. In fact, it was glaringly obvious. This is a sign that the system of multiple checks and balances works. The Secretary of State’s office is conducting a full investigation and after-action report to ensure these types of mistakes do not occur in the future. We commend the DeKalb County Board of Elections and Registration for resolving the matter and ensuring accurate results.

During routine post-election checks and balances prior to certification, a technical error in the precinct scanners that affected the DeKalb County Commission District 2 race was discovered. DeKalb County Commission District 2 is the only race affected by the error. The Secretary of State’s Office and DeKalb County Election and Registration have been in constant contact to remediate this issue once it was discovered and ensure that all votes are properly counted. Through a unique series of events detailed below, a mistake in programming for one candidate’s withdrawal in the precinct scanner led to inaccurate vote counts for two candidates. The multiple layers of checks and balances built into Georgia’s election system and the fact that all votes are recorded on paper ballots that can be recounted allowed this issue to be detected and a resolution identified. The Secretary of State’s office commends the Dekalb County Elections and Registrations team for their diligence in detecting and resolving this issue prior to certification of their results.

Initially, four candidates qualified to run for District 2 Commissioner. After the election project had been built and the equipment had been prepared, one candidate withdrew. That candidate was marked as “disabled” in the Election Management Server, which is proper procedure. Subsequent to that, it was discovered that five precincts in DeKalb were redistricted into County Commission District 2 race, but those precincts had not been updated to reflect that change. To remedy that, a new election project was created so that the County Commission District 2 race properly appeared on the ballots for those precincts. ​That new election project was built by Secretary of State’s Center for Election Systems and was configured with 4 candidates within the County Commission District 2 race as had been done in the original project. On the first day of early voting, an issue was discovered on the BMDs that the text of one Republican party question was not properly appearing. To remedy this issue, the Secretary of State’s Center for Election Systems updated the election project so that the text properly appeared. However, that update was built us​ing the county maintained copy of the election project where the withdrawn candidate had been placed into the disabled status. In making that update, it caused a discrepancy on Election Day between the BMDs (with the updated project showing three candidates) and the Election Day scanners in the other precincts in the county (that were expecting four candidates in that race). The issue was quickly detected by DeKalb County Elections and Registrations after the election during their normal post-election processes, and the Secretary of State’s office has worked with DeKalb to help resolve the issue.


My opinion on this, besides the facts brought out in 2000Mules(1), the fact remains that DeKalb County, a year ago purchased even more Dominion voting machines. When I looked into, I found that the State of Georgia’s Election Laws demand that they use only Dominion (2), and could not purchase from anyone other than Dominion. In other words, the State of Georgia and DeKalb County did not care that the Dominion machines they used in the 2020 elections were hacked and manipulated, causing many GA votes to be falsified, and together with the fact that they closed down voting early due to a “watermain break” which had not really happened(3), and vans were seen dropping off ballots at 3 AM, and the fact that there was video of election workers pulling boxes of ballots out, that had been hidden under the tables. And they are going to tell us that there is no chance that the elections have been rigged again?

I didn’t bother to go vote in the primary election because of the above stated facts.



(2) Department of Purchasing and Contracting Non-Competitive Procurement Request Form, filed Voter Reg. & Elections. Contact Person: Erica Hamilton. Telephone: (404)_____________. Requisition Number 918895. Suggested Supplier: Dominion Voting. Estimated Amount” $1,315,695.00. Detailed Description of the Goods and Services to be purchased: Absentee by Mail/Provisional Bal Scanners and Ballot.

Box with checkmark for Sole Source. 1. Provide and explanation why the product, service or supplier is the only method that can satisfy the requirements. Please explain why alternatives are unacceptable. Be specific with regard to specification, features, characteristics, requirements, capabilities and compatibility. “State Election Law only allows voting equipment to be purchased form Dominion Voting. If an alternative product is used the department and County would be in violation of Georgia Election Law”. 2. Will this purchase obligate us to a particular vendor for future purchases? “Yes as previously stated we are bound by Georgia Election Law to purchase voting equipment from this Vendor.

Document signed “Department Director Erica Hamilton” on 04/29/2021

Procurment Agent Lola O. Awonusi

Procurement Manager Delois Robinson “Approved”.



I don’t know how widespread “Nextdoor” is. A few years ago, I got an invitation by mail (said it was from one of my neighbors), inviting me to join a community forum type thing online, called Nextdoor. It showed that there was a group of people that live on ____ Rd, and it was Nextdoor, _____Rd. So, I joined.

It seemed ok, and I could find out things going on in the neighborhood, without having to gossip with anyone, or feel like a busybody. I guess it is similar to facebook or something, but is for the area in which one lives. So every now and again I go there and read some of what is going on in the neighborhood. The rules didn’t seem too strict, and I never really worried about what my comments were. I don’t discriminate against others, no matter how different they are from the rest of us, or discriminate against nationality, race, religion, sexual preference, disability, nothing. I just don’t discriminate. Live and let live, and all that, ya know.

Lately, there have been a lot of issues being discussed, having to do with local crime. Homeowners are having people come knock on the door all hours of the day or night, wanting to use the phone, or cut the grass, or whatever. You can’t be too careful. Anyway, the discussion was about teens in the neighborhood, up to no good. There have been issues with kids going into people’s yards, going through the cars in their driveways, walking around the streets all hours of the night, and so forth. There were no less than 3 homeowners, who had cars stolen out of the driveway, with them home. One was in the middle of the day on a sunny day.

So, being me, I said this:

“I don’t think anyone should be surprised. They are quickly turning this country into a third world country. Illegal aliens flowing through the borders, non-stop, not vetted, and no telling what these people did in their own countries. Crime was already bad enough here, and the economy is getting really bad, the food situation is beginning to fall, and the govt. is busy taking care of the illegal aliens, instead of worrying about the Americans living on the streets. Crime is going to get much worse, best prepare now.”

I got suspended. I contacted these Nextdoor people to find out what I had said. I posted a lot of comments that day, and could not, for the life of me, figure out what I had said that was so damned offensive as to get me suspended. I was suspended at Twitter once, and LinkedIn twice. Twitter didn’t surprise me. LinkedIn did, but I had my posts on wordpress being published on LinkedIn, so I kind of understood. LinkedIn is known for censoring, just like Twitter was (and may still be, that remains to be seen yet), and some of my posts on my blogs, are not always the nicest. I ended up having to sign an agreement with LinkedIn so they would let me back in. So, what I did, was unlink my blogs with my LinkedIn account so that nothing posts that I write here.

Of course, I don’t really go to LinkedIn anymore, so that shows them how well I took them letting come back. Fuck em!

But this local community… Here is what they said, when I inquired about what I had been suspended for:

“Thanks for contacting us about this issue.
We temporarily disabled your Nextdoor account after we received a complaint regarding your content and found that you had violated our Community Guidelines on Do not discriminate.
Here is an example of the content that was brought to our attention:

Its not just the teens one has to watch out for. There are a lot of people who have entered our country illegally. There has been no vetting, and they are just put onto the streets, and let run wild. There are legal and illegal ways to enter our country. I can’t say that I trust anyone coming here illegally. They committed a felony coming here illegally. Why would someone expect them to do anything legally?

We do not tolerate racism, hateful language, or discrimination of any kind. This content was found to be discriminatory because it assumed that someone was engaged in suspicious activity or criminal behavior because of their national origin.
Your account will remain disabled until at least 5/13/2022. At that time, you can log into your account and access your Nextdoor neighborhood after checking a box stating that you agree to following the Guidelines.
Please let me know if I can help with anything else”.

Would someone please explain to me what discrimination I displayed in my comment? I didn’t say anything about nationality, color, disposition, sexual preference, religion, what the fuck was the discrimination? Saying that someone entered our country illegally is now showing discrimination? Or was it discriminating when I said I don’t trust law-breakers? I am not sure, someone needs to clue me in. If you break the law, you break the law, and just because no one does anything to you for breaking the law, doesn’t mean that you didn’t break the law.

The people at Nextdoor can go fuck themselves. I don’t know who they think they are, but they must be a bunch of fucking democrats. Now THAT is a discriminatory remark. But the comment I had made, was not discriminating against anyone. I didn’t categorize any particular anything about the illegal aliens. Oh Wait!!! I got it now, I called them illegal aliens! Like my mama said when I was growing up, “If the shoe fits, wear it!” What am I supposed to call illegal aliens? Fuck it, I am staying with illegal aliens. I guess after my two week suspension is over, instead of agreeing to adhere to their ridiculous rules, I will respond with this “FUCK YOU!”

Are Minnesotans “DEMS ONLY?” Is Its Bureaucracy? ….. ARE TODAY’S AMERICANS BECOMING FASCIST …to be taken care of like Russians? — Freedom Is Just Another Word…

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Are Minnesotans “DEMS ONLY?” Is Its Bureaucracy? ….. ARE TODAY’S AMERICANS BECOMING FASCIST …to be taken care of like Russians? — Freedom Is Just Another Word…


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Covid Mass Murderer Biden Slammed With “Let’s Go Brandon!” Chants Sweeping America — The BlackRobed Mafia

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Covid Mass Murderer Biden Slammed With “Let’s Go Brandon!” Chants Sweeping America — The BlackRobed Mafia

Tiponi — Manifest Injustice — J & J Ranch, Stone Mtn, GA — FOREVER VICTIMS

Last night my baby-girl (4-legged), died for no apparent reason. I have to assume she was poisoned. An hour earlier, she was happy and healthy. She laid down and died, and it is breaking my heart! She was eight years old, the date on my camera is wrong. She was born in 01-2013. Tiponi — Manifest […] […]

Tiponi — Manifest Injustice — J & J Ranch, Stone Mtn, GA — FOREVER VICTIMS

How many Covid-19 vaccine deaths are acceptable? By Cherie Zaslawsky, March 23, 2021

How many Covid-19 vaccine deaths are acceptable?

By Cherie Zaslawsky
March 23, 2021

In the early days of the controversial China Virus “pandemic,” President Trump was asked by a typically hostile MSM reporter, “How many deaths from Covid-19 are acceptable?” Trump, uncharacteristically snookered by the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t question, answered, “None!” Of course you can’t prevent all deaths from any naturally occurring illness.

But now let’s ask a more relevant question, since you can prevent deaths from a medical intervention if it proves deleterious, simply by ceasing to use it: How many deaths from Covid-19 vaccines should be allowed?

Let’s zero in on just a few of the people who listened to the experts and got their “safe and effective” experimental Covid vaccines.

  • From a headline: ”Boxing Great Marvin Hagler Dies – According to Reports He Was Struggling in ICU on Saturday After Taking Vaccine”
  • Kassidi Kurill, a 39-year-old mother of one from Ogden, received the vaccine due to her work as a surgical tech for several plastic surgeons. Four days after receiving the second dose of the Moderna vaccine, Kurill died.
  • A 28-year-old physical therapist died 2 days after being injected with an experimental Covid vaccine. Says her mother, “My 28 year old daughter took the vaccine on a Tuesday and was dead by Thursday.”
  • Tim Zook, 60, an x-ray technologist, proudly displayed his vaccination card right after getting his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Two hours later, he had troubling symptoms, and four days later, hospitalized and in intensive care with massive organ failure, he died.
  • Florida’s Dr. Gregory Michael died of a rare blood disease after getting Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. Dr. John Spivak, an expert on blood disorders from Johns Hopkins, calls it “a medical certainty” that the vaccine caused Dr. Michael’s death.
  • 58-Year-Old Woman Drene Keyes Died Hours After Getting First Dose of Pfizer Vaccine. A “gifted singer and grandmother of six,” Drene was unable to breathe and began vomiting within a couple hours of being vaccinated.
  • Norwegian Medicines Agency links 13 deaths to vaccine side effects. Those who died were frail and old. A total of 23 deaths have been reported in Norway in connection with the corona vaccination.
  • Four people in Utah died shortly after receiving a Covid vaccine injection.
  • A Nebraska man in his 40s with underlying health issues died a week after receiving the vaccine.
  • A 56-year-old man in Placer County died shortly after receiving a Covid vaccine.
  • A 41-year-old health worker in Portugal died two days after she got the Pfizer vaccine.
  • A 60-year-old Danish woman died from a blood clot after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine
  • Baseball great Hank Aaron, who proudly got his Moderna vaccine in public to encourage the Black population to do likewise, died 2 weeks later. He had tweeted: “I was proud to get the Covid vaccine earlier today at Morehouse School of Medicine. I hope you do the same!” The fact the this baseball legend died so soon after his injection sends a very different message to the community. Was his death vaccine-related? Big Pharma and its media shills say no. In this case, we may never know for sure, but I feel it’s worth a mention in this list.

As of March 5th, according to VAERS—the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in America—there have been 1,524 deaths, 5,507 serious injuries and 390 reports of Bell’s Palsy resulting from Covid vaccines. In all, a total of 31,079 adverse Covid vaccine events have been reported to VAERS thus far. Keep in mind that this is over the course of barely three months, and by the time you read this, these numbers will undoubtedly be higher.


To put things in perspective, let’s consider just a few of the many dozens of drugs various pharmaceutical companies have had to recall once it became clear they’d done more harm than good—and especially those that resulted in deaths.

  • Duract (Bromfenac) Cause for recall: 4 deaths; 8 patients requiring liver transplants; 12 patients with severe liver damage
  • Omniflox (Temafloxacin) Cause for recall: 3 deaths; anemia & other blood cell abnormalities; kidney dysfunction (half cases requiring dialysis); anaphylaxis
  • Rezulin (Troglitazone) Cause for recall: at least 90 liver failures; at least 63 deaths; 35,000 personal injury claims were filed against the manufacturer (Pfizer).
  • Darvon & Darvocet (Propoxyphene) Cause for recall: toxicity to the heart; between 1981 and 1999 there were over 2,110 deaths reported—that’s over the course of 18 years!


In his recent Unz Review article entitled “Satan’s Poker,” Mike Whitney turns his laser-sharp focus to Israel’s massive vaccination program. Since Israel is such a small country to begin with, the results are particularly striking. Over half the population has already been vaccinated. Hmmm…was that wise? Whitney asks why their Covid cases rose dramatically during the first month of the vaccine program. He also wonders why, after only 2 months, “76% of new Covid-19 cases [affected people] under 39. Only 5.5% are over 60. 40% of critical patients are under 60.”

But here’s his most important question: “Did the vaccinations shift the direction of the infection to a different demographic or have the vaccines created a more virulent strain of the virus that targets younger people?” Wouldn’t one want to know that immediately before proceeding any further? Are Pfizer and the other Big Pharma companies just going to say, “Trust the science?” And is the Israeli government going to pursue this grand vaccination plan regardless of deleterious effects on many of its citizens?


The pharmaceutical giants are quick to tell us the vaccine deaths and injuries must have been from some other cause, or that they’re an acceptable trade-off. Case in point: “The benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine in preventing COVID-19, with its associated risk of hospitalization and death, outweigh the risks of side effects,” according to the EMA (European Medicines Regulator)—though multiple countries banned it as unsafe. Furthermore, many respected scientists—including virologists, microbiologists, epidemiologists and physicians—have long been sounding the alarm regarding these experimental vaccines.

In fact, it has been pointed out that the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca products are not traditional vaccines at all, but function more or less like software programs that instruct your own cells to make the virus’ spike protein so that your immune system will form antibodies against it. Since nothing like this has ever been implemented before and there are no long-term studies, there can be no reasonable assurances of the safety of these vaccines. But you have to dig to find such troubling facts, as you won’t encounter them on CNN, MSNBC et al. That should be a warning sign in and of itself.


While these novel “vaccines” have never been unleashed on the public at large, in fact, there have been a few small experimental trials using the mRNA vaccines against several diseases. They did not go well. Dr. Drew Weissman–an early pioneer of mRNA technology—wrote in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, that the results from an mRNA flu vaccine were “more modest in humans than was expected based on animal models… and the side effects were not trivial.” [Italics mine.]

Here are a few of these “non trivial” side effects: systemic inflammation, potentially fatal autoimmune responses, blood coagulation, and pathological thrombus formation. Hmmm… Didn’t 18 European countries recently halt the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine precisely due to blood clotting issues—a “side effect” discovered in preliminary trials?

There are a number of doctors and scientists outside of the Big Pharma tent, with no vested monetary interest in this issue, who predict millions of deaths from these mRNA vaccines—magnitudes higher than anything ever seen from the Covid virus. We may call this speculation, but why use our entire population as guinea pigs in the first place? What happened to the Hippocratic Oath’s first principle: Do No Harm?


Every official, business, industry, organization or other entity that insists you be vaccinated in order to enter its premises, work or live therein, etc., is effectively asking you to play Russian Roulette with a revolver held up to your head. You won’t know till you’ve pressed the trigger whether you’ll get an empty chamber or take a fatal bullet.

Who exactly has the right to demand that you risk your life to “protect” yourself? To “protect” others? Nor do we know if these experimental vaccines are actually “effective” or even whether they may cause other serious harm to the inoculated in the long-term—as that key study that is so central to the development of safe vaccines was bypassed in this colossal rush-to-market.

In view of the sheer numbers of deaths and irreversible harm to people these vaccines have caused in just a matter of weeks, I’m waiting for the announcement from Big Pharma companies Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, etc., that they’re pulling these vaccines off the market, as this experimental trial on millions of human beings—the largest in history—has tragically proven these novel, experimental vaccines far too dangerous for human use.

I’m still waiting. Maybe tomorrow…. © Cherie Zaslawsky

United Way Atlanta



I attempted to give the link to this, but United Way Atlanta refused to connect.

The 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge is a powerful opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives, our Greater Atlanta community, and the barriers it places on improving child well-being.

The 7-week self-guided learning experience explores the history and impact of racism and how it has shaped the well-being of our communities across Greater Atlanta. Topics include Understanding Privilege, History of Racism in Atlanta, Housing & Redlining, Intersection of Race + Gender, Allyship, Champions Leading Equity, and many more. Gain both local and national insights, get the tools for courageous conversations, access resources for healing, become an ally or level up your allyship, plus, make connections to a network of leaders working to create an equitable Greater Atlanta for all.

Join as an individual or sign up your company or organization to support the challenge and learn together.

Join the Challenge!

Support the Challenge!

Racial Equity and Child Well-Being

Racial equity is central to United Way of Greater Atlanta’s work to improve child well-being so that children, families, and communities can thrive.  Disparities across race and zip codes are holding us back and limiting the opportunity for an equitable Greater Atlanta. Ending disparities has been the guidepost for United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Child Well-Being Agenda, which has focused on addressing the systemic issues that put Greater Atlanta at the bottom of the list of U.S. cities in terms of opportunity and mobility for low-income children and make a child’s zip code of birth their destiny. For two years running, Bloomberg has called Atlanta “the capital of inequality.”

The 21-Day Equity Challenge is a powerful opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives, our Greater Atlanta communities, and child well-being. For the past five years, United Way of Greater Atlanta has worked closely with partners to collect data on 14 different measures related to the factors that help account for the wide disparity in child well-being by race and zip code. These communities of low and very low child well-being are in zip codes where the majority of residents (55-99%) are people of color.

Fanning the Flames of Hate!


Black victims who were lynched by white mobs memorialized.


LITHONIA-GA—The NAACP DeKalb County branch unveiled a historical marker at Kelly Park, located in the heart of the city, on Feb. 24.

Mayor Shameka Reynolds joined the NAACP  for the 1 p.m. ceremony to commemorate the victims of lynchings that took place in Lithonia and others throughout America after Reconstruction was abandoned in 1877. Following the Civil War, white mobs, in resistance to rights mandated for African Americans, terrorized, tortured and lynched thousands of blacks between 1877 and 1950 across America.

“The project is an answer to telling the true story behind racial terrorism,” said Teresa Hardy, President of NAACP DeKalb.

The Community Commemorative Project has documented 592 of those lynchings, four of them in DeKalb County.

The Lithonia marker, where two black men were lynched on April 2, 1892, was the second of three markers to commemorate four DeKalb lynching victims. The first marker, commemorating Reuben Hudson, was erected in front of the DeKalb County Courthouse in Decatur on May 14, 2020. The third marker will be erected in Druid Hills where Porter Turner, a taxi driver was killed on Aug. 21, 1945 by the Ku Klux Klan.

NAACP DeKalb got involved in the Remembrance Project after members of the branch visited the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which opened in downtown Montgomery, Alabama on April 26, 2018. The memorial was founded by the Equal Justice Initiative to commemorate past racial terrorism and advocate for social justice and is working to have markers placed in other places where lynchings have occurred.

Attorney D.E. Smith, who serves on NAACP DeKalb’s executive committee and chairs the DeKalb Remembrance Project, said a diverse coalition of more than 60 volunteers helped bring DeKalb’s project to fruition in collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative.  Troy Vincent, who owns the Engraving House and serves as 3rd Vice President of the NAACP DeKalb, installed the marker in Lithonia and Decatur.

Read the original story on

I’m sorry, but I wonder how many white people will be attacked for this? Apparently, they can remove all statues of historical times, as long as the African/American community bitches about it, which the Civil War makes white people today to be looked down upon, and replace the statues with historical type markers that state white people, in a mob, lynched our black brothers and sisters.

Does DeKalb County and the NAACP want to promote hate? I think they do. Instead of talking about the whites that marched with the blacks with Martin Luther King, and promoting togetherness, they take the stance of promoting divisiveness, and hate. I don’t think God would want to divide us further, He would much rather us join together, and forget the hate.

Black Wall Street Market


This is a rendering of the New Black Wall Street Market, which is slated for a soft opening at the end of May 2021.

By Zachary Hansen

Stonecrest leaders have promised to make the city a hotbed for business, with mixed results since the city’s inception in 2017. With past falters in the rear-view mirror, an ambitious project is on the horizon.

Philanthropist and businessman Lecester “Bill” Allen said a redeveloped Target near Stonecrest Mall, dubbed the New Black Wall Street Market, is slated for a soft opening in May. The project, which aims to eventually feature more than 100 businesses, looks to imitate the development model that has made Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market successful, but with a focus on minority-owned businesses.

“This is something that’s been needed for a long time,” Clarence Boone, Stonecrest’s economic development director, said. “We feel like this will be a gamechanger for the city as it relates to commerce for Stonecrest.”

The new shopping location is acres away from the planned Atlanta Sports City project, which failed in 2019. Pitched as a destination offering dozens of sports fields, shops and restaurants, lawsuits against the project’s developers brought by businesspeople and organizations who invested money but never got to open are still working their way through the courts.

The city is now banking on Allen and his track record for success in south DeKalb to restore confidence among business owners.

“Projects don’t fail. People fail,” DeKalb Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson said. “So I trust that the proper people are in place in order to ensure the success of this project.”

Commemorating Black entrepreneurs

In a recent promotional video, Allen stood inside the hollowed-out box store and spoke at length about his mission, emphasizing the project’s goal of supporting Black and women business owners.

“I am interested in all people, but I’m especially interested in Black folk,” he said on the video. “I just think that this country being built on the backs of slavery — we don’t own enough of this country which we have built.”

May 31, the planned opening date for the New Black Wall Street Market, will be the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, where Black business owners in Oklahoma were attacked by their white neighbors. Their business district, called Black Wall Street, was burned down and dozens of Black residents were murdered.

“We want to demonstrate a solution and show the building of a modern-day Black Wall Street,” Matt Hampton, an Allen Family Investments representative, said. Allen declined to speak to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for this story, having Hampton speak in his stead.

Allen’s focus on Stonecrest was no accident, Hampton said. Allen moved to the area about 20 years ago and set up his Allen Entrepreneurial Institute that provides business education and support for minorities. Now, the city of about 54,000 people is nearly 93% African American, and Allen has become the largest commercial landowner in the city.

Cochran-Johnson said the new market is a perfect fit for a community like Stonecrest.

“It will give a platform to businesses that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to grow and thrive, especially in the Stonecrest community because there is such a lack of presence of retail businesses within the community,” she said.

More dining and retail options have been a consistent want among Stonecrest residents, who say they often have to leave the city to get higher-quality services.

“There’s a lot of restaurants in the city that really need kind of a benchmark, and I think that (the New Black Wall Street Market) this will give them that,” Gregory Pierce, a resident, said. “Show them what good looks like.”

Hampton said the market will feature a diverse food court, multiple art galleries, high-end restaurants and a jazz club. He said he couldn’t announce many of the businesses that are on board due to ongoing negotiations, but he said a grocery store named after Aaron, Allen’s son who died last October, will be among the first wave of participants. Hampton said they expect to have 10-20% of the 125,000 square feet of space occupied by the end of May.

“I’ve been doing some soft-selling with some businesses that I know would fit that profile,” Boone said of the city’s efforts to help fill out the market. “I’m prepared to put them in front of Mr. Allen and his team when they have decided that the marketing for their businesses is appropriate.”

Located off I-20 near the eastern border of the county, Allen, city leaders and residents want the New Black Wall Street Market to become a tourist destination, especially for those visiting Arabia Mountain’s popular hiking trails.

“I want it to be compared favorably to Krog Street Market,” he said, “If we can’t do that, I think we’ve kind of missed the mark.”

‘We will not have another failure’

Other residents are trying to keep their expectations tempered, given the Atlanta Sports City fiasco.

Elijah Ajayi, a Stonecrest resident, said he defended the planned sports complex from critics after its announcement, but he doesn’t want to be let down again.

“My first reaction was, ‘Great! I would love to see this happening in our community,’” Ajayi said of the New Black Wall Street Market. “My next thought process was, ‘I really hope this is going to pan out because of what happened with the (Atlanta) Sports City.’”

The proposed $200-million development was initially planned to open before the 2019 Super Bowl took place in Atlanta, but the venture fizzled out before a single business had opened.

In an email, Stonecrest spokesman Adrion Bell wrote, “This private development (Atlanta Sports City) is dead and has been dead for years,” and city leaders declined to speak further on it. Neither did Hampton, who emphasized that Allen had no affiliation with Atlanta Sports City.

“We will not have another failure to that magnitude in Stonecrest on our watch,” Hampton said. “We will make sure that this development happens.”

The New Black Wall Street Market is the first phase of Allen’s larger development plans. In 2018, he obtained $700 million worth of revenue bonds from the Stonecrest Development Authority to build a complex that includes a 16-story hotel, an amphitheater and other mixed-use elements. Neither taxpayers nor the city are liable for repaying those bonds, since it’s supposed by repaid with revenue from the developer’s project.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced those specifics to be reevaluated, Hampton said.

“We’ve really thought more about the residential and the multi-family living components as being the initial phases of that development,” Hampton said. “We know that commercial is changing, so we’ll have to see how the market responds in that way, but we are still very ambitious and very optimistic about our ability to bring that development out of the ground.”

Allen anticipated the larger plans could costmore than $1.5 billion over the next several years.

“We think if we can make incremental progress, it will help us fulfill our overall goal of properly developing the land and the opportunities that exist out here in Stonecrest, Georgia,” Hampton said.

Read the original story on

From Our Buddies @ DeKalb County, Worrying About Our Health!

From:<> 2:09 PM (3 hours ago)

To: gaparalegal

CEO Michael Thurmond on behalf of DeKalb County Government: Happy New Year! As we prepare to say goodbye to 2020, remember that the numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases are climbing! Celebrate safely at home. Continue to follow DeKalb County’s mask ordinance when in public, wash your hands frequently, and practice social distancing. Most importantly follow CDC guidelines and get tested. Let’s have a safe and happy 2021! For more information, go to

How sweet of them to be barking orders at us. We are not grown up enough to know what is good for us and what isn’t. BULLSHIT! COVID 19 is no more a threat than it was 1.5 years ago. The sheeple around here, all riding around by themselves with masks on.

It took a long time to dumb humans down enough to fall for this bullshit, now they have surpassed the globalists expectations, and are dumber than dirt! The more people that fall for this shit, the more they will be taken advantage of. Those are the ones that need the vaccines. Has anyone noticed that when they give the shots on tv, that either the shot is hidden by the nurse standing between the camera and the needle, or the plunger is already fully pressed when they stick it in the arm; and the ones that do show the shot is either contained with water or saline solution. They cannot risk another shot where someone passes out afterward.

The nurse that passed out, has not been in contact with her friends ever since she got the shot. The rumor is, is that she died from the shot.

More and more doctors have come out to warn about the shot. You only have to be aware to find what I am saying is the truth. This is the biggest farce the world has ever seen. When ebola is a much more scarier illness than Covid could ever be, and what happened when ebola supposedly came to America? Nothing. The news at that time, could not ramp the people up enough to scare the shit out of them. But this, this, Covid, the media managed to scare these people half to death. Oh My God! Covid will be death of all of us. Now it has mutated? Let’s just wear these fucking masks for-fucking-ever!

Sheeple awaken, and I hope you are not fools enough to get the vaccine!

Continues to Suck!

It has been a while since I bitched and ranted about DeKalb County, in Georgia. Too long probably.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why there are those in the County that have the luxury of passing Codes. Such as Zoning Codes. Why make all these damned zoning codes, that you expect the public to adhere to, if you are just going to let builder waltz in, ignore the permit laws, ignore the zoning laws? In DeKalb County, Georgia, for as long as I can remember, and I am 60 years old now, you can’t put a house on .10 (a tenth) of an acre. It just ain’t big enough, if it is a 2000 square foot home. Two Thousand Square Feet, is the minimum size home you can build in DeKalb County, Georgia.

The little house on the right, is the property of which I speak. No one has lived there for at least 30 years. We have lived in our house for 26 years. Our house is the gated property. The old oak tree in front of the little house, has been cut down, and the house demolished.

In fact, why does Georgia have licensing laws for builders and surveyors, if all of them have criminal records? For example, a builder for the property next to ours, was given 15 years probation for kidnapping, yet they give the man a general contractors license? Is something wrong with me, or is there something wrong with giving the license?

We have an easement for ingress/egress over the property that has a whole .10 acres. Our easement, is included in our Warranty Deed, and our Security Deed. The easement is 13.6′ x 70′. Then comes the surveyor that is helping steal land from our property, to give to the owner of the whopping .10 acres. The surveyor had his license suspended twice, once for a year, for falsifying 3 surveys. The man that owned and worked on the house before he sold to the current owner, had done seven years for sexual abuse of, and beating a minor.

.10 acres.

That’s neither here nor there, and personally, I would not care what these people’s backgrounds were, I was looking up their builder’s and surveyor’s licensing with the state. Since their licenses had been suspended, I looked to see why. You know, if they weren’t committing criminal acts now, I would probably have never looked their licenses up.

The current builder alleges to have a “JD”, and he knows more about the law than we do, so he is right and we are wrong. Yea, says he! We aren’t the ones claiming that there is not a non-exclusive ingress/egress easement on that property, that we use every day. He can bite my happy little ass!

So what it boils down to, they wanted to get a variance on the front set-back, or so they claimed. No, they wanted the Board to say that the property is legally non-conforming, and to allow them to build on a lot that code says has to be 15,000 square feet, when, after the setbacks, and the easement and everything is taken into consideration, the lot is less than 4,000 square feet.

            Zoning Codes violated include, but are not limited to: 

Sec. 1.1.3. – Purpose and intent of Code.

This chapter is enacted by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners in order to promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the residents of DeKalb County, Georgia, and to implement the DeKalb County Comprehensive Plan. To these ends, this chapter is intended to achieve the following purposes:

A.  To guide and regulate the orderly growth, development, redevelopment and preservation of DeKalb County in accordance with a well-considered comprehensive plan and with long-term objectives, principles and standards deemed beneficial to the interest and welfare of the people;

B.  To protect the established character of both private and public property;

C.  To promote, in the public interest, the wise utilization of land;

D.  To provide for adequate light, air, convenience of access, and safety from fire, flood and other dangers;

F.  To facilitate the creation of a convenient, attractive and harmonious community;

G.  To encourage an aesthetically attractive environment, both built and natural, and to provide for regulations that protect and enhance these aesthetic considerations;

H.  To expedite the provision of adequate police and fire protection, safety from crime, disaster evacuation, civil defense, transportation, water, sewerage, …;

J.  To protect against overcrowding of land, overcrowding of population in relation to the community facilities existing or available, obstruction of light and air, danger and congestion in travel and transportation, and loss of life or health or property from fire, flood, or other danger;

L.  To promote the preservation of the unique natural and physical resources of the county including forested areas, riverbeds, stream beds, and archaeological sites;

M.  To achieve compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations;

P.  To implement the authority, powers and duties of the planning commission and the zoning board of appeals pursuant to state and local law, including but not limited to Ga. Const. art. IX, section II, ¶ IV;

R.  To provide for protection of the constitutional rights and obligations of all citizens within the county.   

Sec. 1.1.4. – Minimum requirements.

In their interpretation and application, the provisions of this chapter shall be considered minimum requirements for the promotion of the public health, safety, morals and general welfare, as set forth in section 1.1.3 hereof …Within each zoning district, the regulations set forth shall be minimum requirements and shall apply uniformly to each class or kind of building, structure or land,…

Sec. 1.1.6. – General applicability.

All buildings and structures erected hereafter, all uses of land, water, buildings or structures established hereafter, all structural alterations or relocations of existing buildings occurring hereafter, and all enlargements of, additions to, changes in and relocations of existing uses occurring hereafter shall be subject to all regulations of this chapter which are applicable to the zoning district or districts in which such buildings, structures, uses or land are located.

Sec. 1.1.8. – General prohibition.

No … use of any …land, or property, and no lot of record, now or hereafter existing, shall hereafter be established, constructed, expanded, altered, moved, diminished, divided, eliminated or maintained in any manner except in conformity with the provisions of this chapter. No use of any land, building, structure or property shall be permitted unless expressly and specifically authorized in the district or districts within which said use is located or by the supplemental regulations contained in article 4 of this chapter.

Sec. 1.1.9. – Interpretation and authority to administer.

The director of planning is designated to administer, interpret and enforce the provisions of this chapter for all proposed zoning, variances, comprehensive planning, and applications requiring zoning compliance, including but not limited to subdivisions, site plans, permits and zoning compliance certifications for licenses and occupational taxes.

Sec. 1.1.11. – Transitional provisions.

A.  New development. Upon the effective date of this zoning ordinance or any subsequent amendment thereafter, any new building, structure or lot legally established shall be used, constructed or developed only in accordance with all applicable provisions of this zoning ordinance.

Sec. 1.1.13. – Relation to private agreements.

This chapter is not intended to abrogate, annul or otherwise interfere with any easement, … legal relationship, provided that when the regulations of this chapter are more restrictive or impose higher standards or requirements than such easements,… legal relationships, the regulations of this chapter shall govern…”

Sec. 1.1.15. – Interpretation of zoning maps.

Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of zoning districts as shown on the official zoning map, the following rules shall apply:   

B.  Boundaries indicated as approximately following platted lot lines shall be construed as following such lot lines.

C.  Boundaries indicated as approximately following county limit lines shall be construed as following such county limits.

They lied at first, and said that they had talked with Stone Mountain City, and the City was going to let them go to sewer. We knew this was a lie. The Sewer is owned by DeKalb County, and anywhere within the city limits, (which our properties aren’t), the County is the one that works on the sewer issues, it is the county that the EPA fines the hell out of for spills, etc. When we check on going to sewer, the County told us that we can’t get there from here. They weren’t going to tell these jackasses that they could get there either.

To have a septic system in DeKalb County, Georgia, which is regulated by state laws first and foremost, the property has to have 25,500 square feet, not including where the house is, but besides the house. Then, on top of that, you have to have 2 systems installed at the same time, meaning that you have to have 50,000 square feet of unobstructed land to get a septic system, and that is IF, the land will support a system. This close to Stone Mountain, we have a lot of granite in the ground. The ground is not optimal for septic here. The biggie here too, is that their plat shows that they are going to use the existing septic system, but the problem is, that they are showing the well, not the septic system. The septic system, they ran over repeatedly with very heavy equipment, for days, and it has not been used for 30-40 years, and the terra cotta used when they built the system back in 1940, has disintegrated.

Just like the builder swore that there was a foundation under the house (which there wasn’t, and I told him that, if he couldn’t look at the house and see that I was right, he does not need to be as licensed builder in this state, or any other state), he also can’t tell a well from a septic tank. He has problems. Once he runs the sewage through the well and contaminates all the ground water around here, and the creek that runs by here, it is going to turn this area into a real shithole.

(§ 13-247. – Minimum lot size.             Minimum lot size for purposes of installation of an on-site sewage management system shall be twenty-five thousand five hundred (25,500) square feet with maximum slope of twenty-five (25) percent for each individual lot. The minimum lot size refers to square footage of contiguous usable soils. Where a lot is comprised of more than one (1) soil type, approval will be based on the soil type comprising the majority of the lot. Site plans may be submitted for review in cases where alternatives are proposed to overcome the limitations presented by noncontiguous soils. Sufficient unobstructed land area meeting all requirements for the installation of a replacement sewage management system absorption field is required in addition to the area for the original installation. Flood plains, areas within fifty (50) feet of the normal watermark of any body of water, and the right-of-way of any street or road shall not be included. Paved areas, easements, recorded buffer zones, buildings, parking lots or other areas may be excluded after examination by the health director if a condition exists which may adversely affect the location, installation, or operation of an onsite sewage management system. Should any portion of this section be in conflict with any other ordinance, rule, regulation or law, then the provisions of this section shall prevail. (Ord. No. 00-15, Pt. 1, 2-22-00).)

They can’t get grandfathered in, because they were smart and tore down the old house that was there. There had been an 864 square foot house there. They claimed it was 900 and something, but it wasn’t. They lied a lot of times on the building application. Just like they said that they wanted to build back on the same foundation as the old house had been on. They plan to put a 2,000 square foot house on a foundation for a house that had been 864 square feet. I wonder just how you go about doing that. That’s how smart the Zoning Board in this County is. I guess they never looked at any of the past property records, like taxes or anything that shows conclusively that the house was 864 square feet, and the lot was .10 acres. Of course, after they steal the easement, and take 4 feet x 150 feet of our property, they come up with .16 acres, just like the site plan claims. Hummm. Real smart our building permit and zoning people are in this county.


 Sec. 8.1.1. – Statement of intent and purpose.

Within the zoning districts established by this chapter, or by amendments that may later be adopted, there exist lots, uses of land, uses of land and buildings, uses of land and structures, and characteristics of buildings, structures and sites which were lawful before the effective date of this chapter’s adoption or amendment, but that are now prohibited under the terms of this chapter or due to future amendments, collectively referred to as nonconforming situations. Such nonconforming situations are hereby declared to be incompatible with authorized and permitted uses in the zoning districts involved. It is the intent of the board of commissioners to require the cessation of certain nonconforming situations and to permit others to continue until they are otherwise removed or cease. It is further the intent of the board of commissioners that nonconforming situations not be used as grounds for adding other buildings, structures, or uses of land prohibited by this chapter, and that no such non-conforming building, structure, or use of land be enlarged, expanded, moved, or otherwise altered in a manner that increases the degree of nonconformity, except where expressly authorized in this zoning ordinance.

( Ord. No. 15-06 , 8-25-2015).

            The code section shows “Such nonconforming situations are hereby declared to be incompatible with authorized and permitted uses in the zoning districts involved. It is the intent of the board of commissioners to require the cessation of certain nonconforming situations and to permit others to continue until they are otherwise removed or cease”,  yet the actions of The Department in allowing the permit, should ZBOA grant the variance, when it is not JUST a variance needed to make the property conforming.

            The property will never be conforming.  Therefore they are promoting nonconformity to prevail.

  Sec. 8.1.2. – Applicability.

A.  Applicability. Nonconforming regulations apply only to those nonconforming situations that were legally authorized when established or that were subsequently approved through procedures in effect at the time the approval was obtained. Additionally, except as provided in section 8.1.5.B., nonconforming situations must have been maintained continuously and without interruption since the initial existence or subsequent approval of the nonconforming situation. Nonconforming situations which were not authorized when established or have not been continuously maintained over time in accordance with this subsection have no legal right to continue and must terminate as set forth herein.

            The nonconformity of 811, was not maintained continuously, and without interruption.  No one lived there for thirty (30) years, and the house had been boarded up for most of that time period.   There is no legal right for the nonconforming lot to be permitted to be built upon.  The fact remains that the side and back setbacks will have to have variances as well.  ZBOA and The Department are wanting to allow someone special privilege, and to allow a house to be built is too large for the property, and will be violating the air and space of Stegeman/McDonald.

            The zoning laws show that a property that size can only have a cottage built upon it.  Not a monster 2-story home, which will be the only two story home in the whole neighborhood.  Why?

            There is a  minimum  lot size of 15,000 square feet, allowing them to build on less than 4,000 square feet.  The Department and ZBOA are going to allow the building of a house to be built upon such small lot IS granting special privileges, and causing harm to Stegeman/McDonald.  The permit application, and every other document submitted to The Department and ZBOA has been falsely sworn to, and falsified.  The permit is invalid and void.

We try and try to get these idiots to understand that you can’t get 15,000 square feet out of .10, or .16 acres. So stealing our easement and property don’t help them out any. Plus, you can’t grandfather a non-conforming lot, and claim that it is a legal nonconformity because of the Zoning laws that the Board of Commissioners came up with. The Board of Commissioners are the same people that appoint the Zoning Board of Appeals, who keeps granting this builder anything he wants, without the authority to do so.

For example, the Zoning Board, when we brought up our easement, said our easement don’t matter. It don’t matter? Then why does my Warranty Deed and Security Deed, and two surveys show it? And, who the hell do they think they are? Only Superior Court could take away an easement, and even then, it would be a violation of our Civil and Constitutional Rights.

The Birds

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this summer, I really missed the birds. Now that it is fall, I still miss the birds. And during the winter, I doubt that anyone around here will hear a peep out of a bird.

Usually all summer long, the birds would get so loud in the morning, that they would wake me up. Not this year. I would wake in the morning, and listen and listen, and every now and then I would hear a lone single bird.

Don’t say you didn’t notice, that means your close to dead or a sheeple. Of course, you could live where there are still birds. not here. We have had birds in the spring and summer build nests in the inside porches. IN the winter, would never fail, to have birds living somewhere inside the house. One even went so far as to begin building a nest in the room where someone is, close to 24 hours a day.

Not this year. There was one pair that came to the porch where someone is, or where the wolves stretch out, almost all the time. They had one clutch, then left. Since that time, I have not heard any of the little birds, the wrens and finches. The Great Horned Owl Family still makes its rounds to our area about one every 2-3 weeks, but I don’t know for how much longer they will survive.

I had read where 5G would kill all the birds, and I prayed that it would not happen. I kept reading about it, then I prayed that our area would be spared. Now, it is rare to hear a bird. I miss the birds.

5G killed the birds, and God only knows what other creatures will follow. I will tell you this though, My Grandfather worked in coal mines for a while, and they used to carry a canary into the mines with them. If the bird croaked, they knew they were in trouble.

Man has learned nothing. We have been lied to all our lives. The globalists have been trying to kill us off for a long, long time. Now, it appears that unless the rest of the sheeple awaken, the globalists will have their way.

The country is overrun with communists, marxists, fascists, and every other bad element of human that there is. Either way, TRUMP wins of loses, we will all still pay. There is going to be unrest for a long time in this Country, and looking back at our past history, unless we have all turned into slithering weenies, there will be civil war. We will all be weak from 5G, flu, geoengineering, and all the stuff they have contaminated us with for many years.

People need to think about what is coming. It will come either way, with Trump, or without Trump. I personally plan to take my chances with Trump. He has family, and he loves this country. The demorats? Biden and that Jamaican woman that is not eligible to be Vice President, is that what yall want?

Time is short now, and you’d best wake on up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

Forced Masking a “Coercive Practice Designed to Drive Up Vaccination Rates” Rules Hospital Arbitrator


Forced Masking a “Coercive Practice Designed to Drive Up Vaccination Rates” Rules Hospital Arbitrator
By John C. A. Manley
Global Research, July 22, 2020

Forced Masking a “Coercive Practice Designed to Drive Up Vaccination Rates” Rules Hospital Arbitrator

Back in 2018, the Toronto Academic Health Science Network had a mandatory masking policy in place for nurses and health care workers, according to the Ontario Nursing Association. Staff were required “to wear an unfitted surgical mask for the entirety of their shift if they choose not to receive the influenza vaccine.”

An article on the Ontario Nursing Association (ONA) states:

“After reviewing extensive expert evidence submitted by both [sides], Arbitrator William Kaplan, in his September 6 decision, found that [the mask or vaccinate] policy is ‘illogical and makes no sense’ and ‘is the exact opposite of being reasonable.’ In reaching this conclusion, Arbitrator Kaplan rejected the hospital’s evidence.”

The arbitration report points out that there was an “admitted absence of direct evidence that mask wearing [healthcare workers] protected patients from influenza…” Thus one might ask: If a mask cannot even protect patients from influenza how is it of any use against a “super bad transmittable contagious awful virus” like COVID-19?
India: Violations of the Right to Food and Work Rampant Across the Country, Made Worse by Aadhaar

It went on to say that the arguments and evidence made for mask wearing “are insufficient, inadequate, and completely unpersuasive…. Evidence that masking as a source [of] control results in any material reduction in transmission was scant, anecdotal, and, in the overall, lacking.”

Even more telling is that the arbitration reported that forced masking is “a coercive practice designed to drive up vaccination rates” among staff. And, it seems, today, among citizens.

If you’re not for being violated with an improperly tested, rushed-to-market, money-making COVID-19 vaccine then please resist the mask wearing coercion with all your might.


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John C. A. Manley has spent over a decade ghostwriting for medical doctors, as well as naturopaths, chiropractors and Ayurvedic physicians. He publishes the COVID-19(84) Red Pill Daily Briefs – an email-based newsletter dedicated to preventing the governments of the world from using an exaggerated pandemic as an excuse to violate our freedom, health, privacy, livelihood and humanity. He is also writing a novella, COVID-27: A Dystopian Love Story. Visit his website at:
The original source of this article is Global Research
Copyright © John C. A. Manley, Global Research, 2020

DeKalb County Hosts COVID-19 ‘Stop the Spread’ Events this Weekend


DeKalb County Hosts COVID-19 ‘Stop the Spread’ Events this Weekend

Thu, 07/16/2020 – 10:55 AM

DECATUR, Ga—This weekend DeKalb County is continuing its efforts to “Stop the Spread” of COVID-19 with several community-based initiatives designed to mitigate the health and economic impacts of the pandemic.

“Stopping the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus is our top priority,” DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond said.

Initiatives in the county’s “Stop the Spread” campaign include:

The distribution of 1,350 boxes of food, in partnership with Atlanta Community Food Bank. The schedule is as follows:
Friday, July 17:
10 a.m. at Antioch AME Church, 4730 Elam Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30083
1 p.m. at Welcome Friend Baptist Church, 3198 Bouldercrest Rd., Ellenwood, GA 30294
Saturday, July 18:
10 a.m. at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, 6400 Woodrow Rd., Stonecrest, GA 30038
The distribution of 50,000 COVID-19 Care Kits containing two face masks and hand sanitizer in hard-hit areas of the county during the month of July.
Radio and print campaigns targeting the African American and Hispanic communities with high infections rates. The ads emphasize the importance of staying home, hand washing and wearing masks when going out during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Encouraging residents to visit the DeKalb County Board of Health testing site on Saturday, July 18, at Greenforest Community Baptist Church, 3250 Rainbow Dr., Decatur. Appointments are required and can be made at or by calling (404) 294-3700, Option 1.
Weekday COVID-19 test sites are available at: Beulah Missionary Baptist Church 2340 Clifton Springs Rd., Decatur; former K-Mart Store Parking Lot, (at I-285 and Buford Hwy.) 5597 Buford Hwy. NE, Doraville; Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church, 1879 Glenwood Ave. SE, Atlanta; Greenforest Community Baptist Church, 3250 Rainbow Dr., Decatur; Rehoboth Baptist Church, 2997 Lawrenceville Hwy., Tucker; Salem Bible Church, 5460 Hillandale Dr., Stonecrest.

The DeKalb County Board of Health reported on July 14 there have been 8,784 cases of COVID-19 infections, 1,120 hospitalizations and 183 deaths in the county. The county’s strategy focuses on communities that the DeKalb County Board of Health has identified as experiencing the highest number of COVID-19 infections.

So we ares supposed to believe that people that we don’t know, and who may or may not have a virus that is no worse than the normal flu, and in fact is not as bad as the normal flu, and who have put together these “care packages”, have not somehow infected the items in the package? Further, the package includes masks that are not rated N95 or better and therefore do no good. It has been scientifically proven that the N95 is the least it will take to prevent infection, so they are giving out these masks that will merely give the wearer, a false sense of security, and the stores around here, are demanding the public wear these insufficient, pitiful masks.

WTF? What is wrong with these people? The fear mongering media has gotten these sheeple scared of their own shadows. James is over 70, and I over 60, and we haven’t worn masks this whole time, except a couple of times, we wore our N95 masks hoping people would see that what they are wearing, are insufficient. You can tell an N95 from these little ole cheapie things that people are wearing. The N95 clamps tightly to the face and has nose clamps on top of the nose so that you can truly seal off the mouth and nose. These holier than thou people wear their cheapie little fake masks and half the time, it is down under their chins.

Are you kidding me? Really? They have blown the statistics over and above reality and belief. DeKalb County Sux, has for the past 30 years, and will for the rest of all time!

Picked this up off Complaintsboard…


Dekalb County Court, GA — cruel and creepy judge, demented clarence f. seeliger

Creepy Seeliger Loves Criminals Jan 19, 2019 Review updated: Apr 09, 2020
Perhaps Clarence Seeliger’s middle name is “judge”…

Clarence F. Seeliger is a demented unfit “judge”, undignified idiot, corrupt, bribed, amoral, a cynical senior around age 80 y/o, a bold liar, who can enter 10-12 crazy unhinged orders without reasoning, without citing laws (as he gets his “candy” from the bribing party and promises to favor them). Just like a “man-baby” would scream…

Most of the States have mandatory retirement age limit for all judges, but state Ga does not have that limit, that is why this lucifer is still on bench and does any unexpected, unconstitutional crazy things he wants.

He will enter stupid pointless orders, then in two days he will enter other orders contradicting his own former orders. Just an eccentric, unpredictable d-e-m-o-n, an amoral man, who resides in Stone Mountain, Ga and still works and disgraces the Dekalb County Superior Court.

He takes bribes, even cheap bribes, an old cynical man without dignity. One of the lawyers supplying him with bribes is a criminal felon Mark A Campbell, DOB 12/25/1969, Ga Bar 384028, current address RiverClub properties, Suwanee, GA, a P.O. Box attorney without clients, without workplace or office to practice.

See details at:

Updated by Creepy Seeliger Loves Criminals · Jan 19, 2019
Perhaps Clarence Seeliger’s middle name is “judge”…

Clarence F. Seeliger is a demented unfit “judge”, undignified idiot, corrupt, bribed, amoral, a cynical senior around age 80 y/o, a bold liar, who can enter 10-12 crazy unhinged orders without reasoning, without citing laws (as he gets his “candy” from the bribing party and promises to favor them). Just like a “man-baby” would scream…

Most of the States have mandatory retirement age limit for all judges, but state Ga does not have that limit, that is why this lucifer is still on bench and does any unexpected, unconstitutional crazy things he wants.

He will enter stupid pointless orders, then in two days he will enter other orders contradicting his own former orders. Just an eccentric, unpredictable d-e-m-o-n, an amoral man, who resides in Stone Mountain, Ga and still works and disgraces the Dekalb County Superior Court.

He takes bribes, even cheap bribes, an old cynical man without dignity. One of the lawyers supplying him with bribes is a criminal felon Mark A Campbell, DOB 12/25/1969, Ga Bar 384028, current address RiverClub properties, Suwanee, GA, a P.O. Box attorney without clients, without workplace or office to practice.

See details at:

Updated by Creepy Seeliger Loves Criminals · Jan 19, 2019
Also check the Watertown/MA thief’s, Marine Noble’s criminal records at the premium (two are for shoplifting, she paid fines and “public demands”)- says her friend Karine Martirosyan Noroian from Westborough/MA (currently from Hopkitnon, MA).

Updated by Creepy Seeliger Loves Criminals · Jan 19, 2019
William R Noble (Bill Noble) from West Yarmough, MA.
FUCK your lunatic head.
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Ag aggrievedatl Apr 09, 2020
Oh my god, I had the exact same experience with him. Opposing counsel (and his former law firm) in my divorce case had given Judge Clarence Seeliger political campaign contributions which I did not know about at the time and to no one’s surprise, every single ruling and I mean every one went in favor of my former spouse. When I asked for a continuance of a hearing, he denied my request, but later in the same day, I walked into court with a tall, attractive blonde attorney who asked for the same continuance, which he of course granted. He also denied my right to a jury trial even though I specifically asked for one. My experience with Judge Clarence Seeliger is that he is extremely corrupt and unethical. One of the worst judges I have ever been before. He completely ignored the law, facts and evidence and did not care at all how his decisions impacted and affected me financially. He is directly responsible for my home getting foreclosed. Sonia Levine v. Sam Levine, Dekalb County Superior Court, Case No. 14-CV-1064.

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See the post after this one, that is my Reply. Good going Sam. In fact in our case discussed below, Sam Levine was our attorney, till we withdrew the case!
Ja Nootkabear Apr 30, 2020
Sam Levine, is that you posting such bad things about the wonderful Judge Seeliger? Ha Ha! He is as corrupt as they come. He screwed us too! James and me in a real property case where the idiot that had bought the property next door (which had been vacant for 30 years) was a redneck-biker type of dude selling methamphetamine out of the house over there, and caused us to damn near lose our property line and our easement. Oh biker dude was lucky enough to find a lawyer that knew how to payoff Seeliger. The only thing that helped us was, ole biker dude had let the property go to tax sale and lost his standing to be sued in the case.
If it hadn’t been for that, we surely would have lost! But now, if we go back into Superior Court again, we will get that same old fucking geezer and will lose, when the next opposing counsel pays him off. It’s like all the attorneys know they can pay him off. And you know what else? I just read an article before I found this site, talking about Seeliger is going to retire at the end of 2020, and that he had just given $30,000 to legal aid, the young lawyers and another institution. Then another article had said that over the last several years, Seeliger had donated up to $90,000 to these groups.
$90,000? I guess his guilty-ass conscious makes him give to the wrong people. He gives to those who will learn he can be bought!
DeKalb County SUX and Seeliger with it.

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Chase Ignored Identity Theft and Stole Our Money! If you Bank with Chase run as fast as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — J & J Ranch, Stone Mtn, GA

While the country is on lockdown, and no one can travel anywhere, someone in Florida managed to get my debit card, and went to Walgreen’s and hit me with $105.95 twenty + times. So, Chase took my $900 it took forever to save, and $1300 more dollars, and claims it was me in Florida that […]

via Chase Ignored Identity Theft and Stole Our Money! If you Bank with Chase run as fast as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — J & J Ranch, Stone Mtn, GA




Cobb County, GA – Former Smyrna attorney Richard V. Merritt, who was disbarred Monday after admitting to settling a client’s suit for $75,000 and then pocketing the money, woke up in the Cobb County Jail Thursday after being arrested on separate felony elder abuse, theft, exploitation and check fraud charges.

The spokesperson for the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office said he had no further information on the charges, which were apparently filed by the Smyrna Police Department. The booking report includes a notation that Merritt is to be held for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, where a press liaison said they received a bench warrant for “indirect criminal attempt.”

He provided no further information, and there was no immediate response from Smyrna police.

On Friday, Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds said there was little he could offer concerning Merritt’s case so far.

“We have yet to receive the complete investigative file from the Cobb Sheriff’s Department,” said Reynolds via email. “When we do, our White Collar Unit will begin the process of determining what charges we will proceed to the grand jury with. In addition, our Investigators will begin reviewing the file upon receipt to see if there are any additional victims or charges which need to be pursued.”

Merritt remained in jail on Friday afternoon.

Merritt is the subject of multiple civil suits in Cobb County, including one filed by a woman who claims he forged her name on a $150,000 settlement agreement and check without her knowledge. She claims Merritt never turned over any funds.

He also faces several legal malpractice and fraud lawsuits in Cobb County from clients claiming he agreed to handle their cases and then never filed them and never pursued any actions.

Merritt has represented himself in each of the lawsuits.

The attorney for a plaintiff in one case, Sapp & Moriarty partner Daniel Moriarty—interviewed before word of Merritt’s arrest was known—said he was surprised at the mild tone in the state Supreme Court’s disbarment opinion, which only said Merritt “settled a client’s personal injury matter for $75,000 but failed to promptly disburse those funds to his client or her medical providers and failed to render a full accounting of the funds to his client.”

“That’s a euphemism for stealing money,” said Moriarty. “I talked to an investigator who has seen his bank records and determined that he had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars. It just blows my mind what he’s gotten away with.”

According the bar complaint reviewed by the Daily Report, Merritt was retained to handle a personal injury matter in December 2016 and settled it last February, cashing the forged check Feb.7. On Feb. 10, he filed a lawsuit “and continued to lead me on until late May 2017 when I learned what he had done,” the confidential complaint said.

“I have never seen a dime of the $75,000,” said Merritt’s former client.

Another civil suit filed in Cobb County State Court last year said Merritt forged a husband and wife’s signature on a settlement and check in a medical malpractice case and never told them.

Another complaint said Merritt accepted a med-mal case and continually told his client that he was investigating it. Merritt sent emails saying “All is well and we are moving forward on your case,” and “No worries I’m on it!”

Then he stopped accepting the woman’s calls, and the filing deadline passed.

In that case, Judge Maria Golick struck Merritt’s answers and ordered a damages-only trial after finding he “willfully failed to respond” to hearing notices. Golick scheduled a show-cause criminal contempt hearing, and the decision is apparently still under advisement, according to court records.

In the case Moriarty is handling, Merritt also allegedly claimed to be conducting discovery and searching for experts, even scheduling bogus depositions for his clients, only to cancel them at the last minute.

Merritt was the principal for the Smyrna-based Merritt Firm, whose offices were the subject of several dispossessory actions between 2015 and 2017, according to court records.

Last August, Merritt sued two attorneys on behalf of spine surgeon and frequent medical expert James Chappuis. At the time, Merritt said he vice president and general counsel of Chappuis’ Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery of Atlanta.

That case settled confidentially shortly after it was filed.


February 3, 2019 by nootkabear
Dekalb PD seek help in locating suspect in the alleged murder of his mother

One of my people was represented by this guy, and he stole $45,000.00 of her settlement. She and some other victims testified in Court a couple weeks ago. He was sentenced to 30 years, with 15 to serve. He was supposed to turn himself in 02/01/2019. He did not show up.


02/02/2019 Sharon Swanepoel Top News

Tucker, Ga. – Dekalb County Police Department is asking for the public’s help in locating a suspect in the alleged murder of his mother. According to DCPD, at 9:30 a.m. this morning, Feb. 2, 2019, police responded to a home on Planters Row in Stone Mountain in reference to a dead person call. The victim, Shirley Merritt, was found stabbed to death inside her residence. Police believe this is an isolated domestic-related incident.
Richard Merritt, 44. Photo courtesy of Dekalb County Police Department

The victim’s son, Richard Merritt, 44, has been identified as the suspect. He is described as a white male, 5’10”, 175 lbs, brown eyes and brown hair. There is an active murder warrant for his arrest. He is possibly in possession of the victim’s 2009 Lexus RX350, Brown Color, GA Tag CBV6004.

DeKalb Police are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of Richard Merritt to please contact the DeKalb County Police Department at 770-724-7850 or Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS(8477).
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DeKalb County, GA purchasing Apple for the running of the county even though Apple is controlled by Chinese.

I have been following the BOC meetings and what is being voted on, and am curious as to why on earth we (DeKalb County as a whole) will be purchasing apple computers, or anything Apple has:

2018 2652 Commission District(s): All
CO  Change Order No. 2 to Contract No. 1070267 for Technology Solutions with Related Equipment and Accessories: for the Department of Innovation and Technology (IT) to be used by various County departments. Consists of the purchase of Apple computer hardware, tablets peripherals, printers, network gear and other approved software. Awarded to CDW Government, LLC. Amount Not To Exceed: $1,000,000.00.
(10/2/18 Committee of the Whole: Accepted to the BOC agenda and assigned to the OPS County Operations)
(10/9/18 OPS County Operations: recommended for approval. to the Board of Commissioners)
(10/9/18 Board of Commissioners: deferred for 2 weeks to the OPS County Operations)
2018 2657 Commission District(s): ALL
RFP  Request for Proposals No. 18 500488: Landscape Maintenance Services 

I realize that not everyone on earth knows that Apple is in bed with the Chinese, but I contacted someone already about China/Apple and see that no one cares.  No one cares that because of the hack of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails resulted in the deaths of over 20 US personnel in China.  Why was the hack possible?  Because of the China/Apple collusion.  It may not have been in mainstream news, but it is found through research.  Just like the following:
Where the discussion of how China planted chips in Apple and Amazon servers.  Apple has been working with China for some time now, even Bloomburg is aware of the collusion.

A Chinese military unit has been inserting tiny microchips into computer servers used by companies including Apple and Amazon that give China unprecedented backdoor access to computers and data, according to a new Bloomberg report. 

The tiny chips, as small as the tip of a sharpened pencil and designed to be undetectable without specialist equipment, were implanted on to the motherboards of servers on the production line in China, the report in Bloomberg Businessweek said.

Although there has been denial of anything of the sort, the fact remains that even after the allegations, nevertheless, it was also reported on the following sites:

Bloomberg said the denials were countered by testimony from “six current and former national security officials” as well as insiders at both Apple and Amazon who had detailed the investigation and its aftermath.

Explosive Report Details Chinese Infiltration Of Apple, Amazon And The CIA
by Tyler Durden
Thu, 10/04/2018 – 18:34

One week ago, President Trump stood up at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council and accused China of attempting to tamper with US elections – mimicking some of the same allegations that had first been levied against Russia nearly two years prior. In his speech, Trump claimed that China was working to undermine Republicans, and even the president himself, warning that “it’s not just Russia, it’s China and Russia.” While the media largely shrugged off this proclamation as more presidential bombast probably inspired by the burgeoning US-China trade beef, the administration continued to insist that it was taking a harder line against Chinese efforts to subvert American companies to aide the Communist Party’s sprawling intelligence apparatus. As if to underline Trump’s point, the FBI had arrested a Taiwanese national in Chicago the day before Trump’s speech, accusing the 27-year-old suspect of trying to help China flip eight defense contractors who could have provided crucial intelligence on sensitive defense-related technology.
But in a game-changing report published Thursday morning, Bloomberg Businessweek exposed a sprawling multi-year investigation into China’s infiltration of US corporate and defense infrastructure. Most notably, it confirmed that, in addition to efforts designed to sway US elections, China’s intelligence community orchestrated a pervasive infiltration of servers used to power everything from MRI machines to the drones used by the CIA and army. They accomplished this using a tiny microchip no bigger than a grain of rice.
BBG published the report just hours before Vice President Mike Pence was expected to “string together a narrative of Chinese aggression” during a speech at the Hudson Institute in Washington. According to excerpts leaked to the New York Times, his speech was expected to focus on examples of China’s “aggressive moves against American warships, of predatory behavior against their neighbors, and of a sophisticated influence campaign to tilt the midterms and 2020 elections against President Trump”. His speech is also expected to focus on how China leverages debt and its capital markets to force foreign governments to submit to its will (something that has happened in Bangladesh and the Czech Republic.

So, do we (DeKalb County Residents and Voters) really want to buy Apple computers, or anything else Apple?  Rumor has it that Apple is moving all of its operations to China.  Rather than dig up the articles about that, I will close with what I have given you this far to think about.
Since the last time I emailed someone about this very subject, and apparently no one cared, I send it to you, my Commissioner.  I personally disagree with being found in bed with Red (China).


Janet McDonald

Judicial Corruption In GA Has Not Changed At All, The Judges Now Are As Corrupt and Probably More Corrupt Than in 2015 When This Article Was Written! — Georgia’s Corrupt Judicial System

An article from 2015: Justice for judges: You have the right to remain silent, your honor ATLANTA-NEWS … Posted: 1:06 p.m. Wednesday, July 29, 2015 More than five dozen Georgia judges have stepped down from the bench in disgrace since the state’s judicial watchdog agency began aggressively policing ethical conduct eight years ago. More […]

via Judicial Corruption In GA Has Not Changed At All, The Judges Now Are As Corrupt and Probably More Corrupt Than in 2015 When This Article Was Written! — Georgia’s Corrupt Judicial System

What’s on at Bilderberg? Secretive group of rich people meet on Russia, populism in EU & inequality — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

A select group of some of the world’s richest and most powerful people is getting together this week for the annual Bilderberg Group meeting, attracting controversy and conspiracy theories due to its elite and secretive nature. This year’s gathering, which will be the 66th annual meeting of the mysterious group, takes place in Turin, Italy, […]

via What’s on at Bilderberg? Secretive group of rich people meet on Russia, populism in EU & inequality — Truth2Freedom’s Blog

DeKalb committee to discuss removal of Confederate monument! History to Be Removed After 100 Years!

[DeKalb County commissioners are discussing options to remove the Lost Cause Confederate obelisk in Decatur Square, erected in 1908 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.]
Rosie Manins/CrossRoadsNews

DeKalb committee to discuss removal of Confederate monument
By Rosie Manins May 4, 2018 (…)

DeKalb committee to discuss removal of Confederate monument

he next step for DeKalb County in its quest to remove a 110-year-old Confederate monument from Decatur Square will be decided by the county’s operations committee.

The committee – made up of DeKalb Commissioners Steve Bradshaw, as chairman, Nancy Jester and Mereda Davis Johnson – will discuss what to do at their next meeting on May 8.
DeKalb committee to discuss removal of Confederate monument

Mereda Davis Johnson

Johnson, representing District 5, introduced a resolution to remove the Lost Cause monument that was passed by the Board of Commissioners in January, and has since suggested a taskforce be set up, involving DeKalb citizens, to explore options and make recommendations.

Commissioner Kathie Gannon, of Super District 6, has also suggested the monument be relocated to county property in a less prominent position, and that historic context be added to the display.

Those options will be considered by the committee, as the county received only two responses to a public request for information about moving the monument, which ran 60 days from Feb. 22 to April 23.

DeKalb chief operating officer Zachary Williams said one respondent suggested the monument be left in place, outside the historic DeKalb County courthouse, and turned into a veterans’ memorial.

The other respondent suggested the 30-foot-tall obelisk, erected in 1908 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, could be relocated to the Allatoona Pass Battlefield of the Red Top Mountain State Park in northwest Georgia.
DeKalb committee to discuss removal of Confederate monument

Zachary Williams

Williams, speaking to commissioners during their Committee of the Whole meeting on May 1, said the county had contacted the director of the department of natural resources for state parks, who agreed to respond if the county provided a detailed request or submission.

Williams said another “potentially interested party” was sent a submission form by the county at the end of April.

“We’ve continued to solicit and seek ideas, although the RFI period has expired,” he said.

Prior to issuing an RFI, the county also contacted the Atlanta History Center, Oakland Cemetery, Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Site, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Marietta Confederate Cemetery and Marietta National Cemetery, to gauge interest in the monument.

“We did not receive an interest from any of those, and overall we’ve not received a robust interest in doing anything as it relates to moving or contextualizing or anything else as it relates to the monument,” Williams said.

Rader, who represents District 2, suggested the operations committee take charge, to form a recommendation for the Board of Commissioners to consider.
DeKalb committee to discuss removal of Confederate monument

Jeff Rader

“I think that it would be time now, given that we’ve solicited input from outside folks, that we then commit this to the operations committee, since they’re responsible for county property, to take those suggestions and maybe come up with our next step,” Rader said. “Because what I see us having to do is to go ahead and now resolve to take the next steps forward, whether it’s one of the suggestions from commissioners or a hybrid of those, depending on how the commission wants to move forward and it seems like that deliberation would best occur in the operations committee.”

In April, Johnson said the county would remove the monument no matter what, once it had explored its legal options.

“We have the authority to do so,” she said April 10. “I would like to put it in storage until we can get someone that can take it. We have to follow the law and the bureaucracy but we intend to remove the monument.”

The obelisk, which “glorifies and praises soldiers of the Confederacy,” has become a contentious issue for thousands in the community who have signed petitions for and against its removal.

Hundreds of people have also marched against the monument and held vigils calling for it to be taken away from downtown Decatur.

Opponents of the Jim Crow-era obelisk say it is inappropriate to have a monument, which was created to intimidate people of color, in a prominent position at the county’s seat of justice and administration.

They point out the monument’s installation in Decatur Square came on the heels of the bloody Atlanta race riot of 1906, when armed white mobs attacked black people, killing more than 25 and injuring more than 90.

Those who prefer the monument to stay in situ say it is an important reminder of history, and that more information should be installed around the structure for historic context.

Hell, let’s all get together and bitch about something, just for the sake of finding out if the County will remove it. NOTICE the article shows that the thing is at the “old” Courthouse. Not at the currently used Courthouse, but the ancient, antique courthouse. So WTF, is the problem here?

DeKalb Awarded $3.6 million in Mass Transit Improvements

Having Been Voted Best Fleet, this came out:

DeKalb Awarded $3.6 million in Mass Transit Improvements

Wed, 2018-04-25 15:12

DECATUR, Ga. – DeKalb County will receive $3.6 million in mass transit improvements through a federal grant issued to the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). The award will enhance public transportation in the county and includes new buses.

“This investment in DeKalb County transit infrastructure and rolling stock will begin to bring more service into south DeKalb County, while also improving the emissions with cleaner CNG fuel and improving our rider experience from the central into the eastern and southern segments of our county,” said DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond.

MARTA was awarded $3.6 million in funding for buses that will expand capacity in central and south DeKalb County. The funding from the Federal Transit Administration will upgrade and replace 40-foot diesel-fueled buses with 60-foot Compressed Natural Gas buses. The new and environmentally friendly buses will be stationed in central DeKalb County at the Laredo Bus Depot in Scottdale. They will be used to enhance service on MARTA Route 121, which connects riders to the Avondale Station and the city of Stone Mountain. The bus route travels the Ponce de Leon Avenue corridor and is one of DeKalb’s most heavily used routes.

“As we build out More MARTA across the region, we will continue to partner and enhance existing service options with the jurisdictions in our core service areas. Our goal is to simply become and maintain the status of being one of the best transit and transportation systems in the nation,” said MARTA General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker.

“This grant will allow MARTA to provide more service in DeKalb County, along one of our busiest routes,” said MARTA Board of Directors DeKalb County representative Frederick L. Daniels.

Based on customer feedback and service analysis, MARTA also modified several bus routes in DeKalb County to improve overall service, on-time performance, ridership and safety. Routes 39 (Buford Highway), 116 (Redan Road) and 121 (Memorial Drive/North Hairston Road) schedules have been adjusted to enhance weekday and weekend service.

The county, in partnership with DeKalb Municipal Association, has also engaged the Atlanta Regional Commission to produce a Transit Master Plan to provide a comprehensive vision for public transit in DeKalb. The Transit Master Plan will review additional public transportation service expansions and serve as Phase I of the DeKalb Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update that will be completed in 2019.

Don’t Matter The Roads Are Like Shit, We Got The BEST FLEET!

DeKalb Receives “Best Fleet” in North America Award

Wed, 2018-05-02 13:44

DECATUR, Ga. – The DeKalb County Fleet Management Department was awarded the “Best Fleet” in North America Award sponsored by 100 Best Fleets in America and Governing Magazine. The county earned first place out of 38,000 public fleets and was recognized for distinguished customer service, sustainability practices and employee training.

“The DeKalb Fleet Management Department exemplifies all that is right about public service,” said Tom C. Johnson, founder of the 100 Best Fleets in America program. “The county has developed best practices that reduce the need for unscheduled repairs, maintenance costs and negative environmental impacts.”

Fleet Management maintains repair services for a fleet of approximately 3,600 county vehicles and equipment. In the past year, the department has maintained a 99 percent positive feedback rate on customer service surveys and implemented green initiatives that include upgrading the fueling program, opening an environmentally friendly above-ground fuel site and reducing gasoline and diesel fuel consumption. The county also trained nearly 300 drivers on idle reduction which limits engine running time and improves DeKalb’s air quality.

“DeKalb County is pleased to recognize the leadership of Robert Gordon, deputy director of fleet management,” said CEO Michael Thurmond. “His commitment to excellent service, environmental stewardship and creating a high-trust culture is an example for all of us to follow.”

Fleet Management which is part of the Department of Public Works includes 1,600 full- and part-time employees and a budget of $460 million.

“We keep DeKalb rolling,” said Deputy Director Gordon.” Winning the 100 Best Fleet Award shows that the county is providing value to the citizens we serve and that we are focused on doing the right thing.”

Started nineteen years ago, the annual 100 Best Fleets in America program recognizes high-trust, high-performance fleet operations in North America and Canada. Criteria for the award includes use of technology, performance, collaboration, service turnaround time and accountability. This award was recently announced at the NAFA Institute and Expo. For more information, visit

DeKalb County is not the only place that sux! A friend of mine in CA Has Shown that the City of Lakewood, CA Sux Too! Make Cities Obey the Law
City of Lakewood used as Tool for Harassment, then decides to accelerate by itself.
The City of Lakewood has harassed us almost every year since 2013, but Municipal Codes don’t apply to our Back Yard or a Non-Op Car in our Driveway.

A neighbor didn’t like looking over our 6-foot fence into our back yard with 2 BBQs, 8 bikes hanging from a rack, a swing set, and a garden of wild spinach/goosefoot/lanb’s quarter, among other things.
The City redefined a description in logic “inoperative” to prohibit any vehicle that can’t be driven on the streeet, including RV and cars that have Permits from California to be kept non-Operational in a driveway.
Since 2013, we have actually tried to cooperate with the City of Lakewood on many things: we painted over minor paint chips on a post and window and siding trim areas, we prettied up our flower beds more, but nothing satisfied the City and our neighbor.
They tried to declare our Property a Public Nuisance, but the Planning Commission held a hearing on November 3, 2016 and decided that our Back Yard and Pet Door were not Public, so they ruled to Abate a Private Nuisance, which the California Codes don’t allow. Civil Code 3494 allows the City to abate a Public Nuisance, not a Private Nuisance. The agency summary, section 8 stated “ Any reference to the term “public nuisance” shall be replaced with the word “nuisance”” We appealed that decision to abate a Private Nuisance and Code Enforcement withdrew the action before a hearing on appeal with the City Council on March 14, 2017 by saying we complied.
The City lost in their own hearings, so they decided to fool the Court into helping them harass us:
2/21/2018: CA Superior Court, Bellflower, Judge Tsao signed an Administrative Inspection Warrant to allow the City to conduct a Fishing Expedition in our Back Yard (within the curtilage of a 6 foot fence). The Affidavit by the City Employee was insufficient, and stated simply “Since the property located at 5708 Candor Street, Lakewood, California 90713 may pose a danger to the health and safety of the local residents and since the property owner refused entry into the rear yard for an inspection, I am requesting an Administrative Inspection Warrant be issued to inspect the rear yard of the property.”
There were no allegations of violations of “of a state or local law or regulation relating to building, fire, safety, plumbing, electrical, health, labor, or zoning, which, if such violation existed, would be an immediate threat to health or safety”, as required by Code of Civil Procedure 1822.56. By not stating it, the City admitted that there is no immediate threat to health or safety.
We requested an ExParte Hearing to Quash the Warrant, which was denied. The City used the Warrant to trespass on our private property without our permission to “inspect” our back yard.
The City filed a “Return of Administrative Inspection Warrant”, which did not mention any Hazard to Health and Safety, but merely named 4 Municipal Codes alleged to be violated:

So, a trash can was visible from the street, some back yard plants were higher than they’d like, and they’d like me to get rid of some bicycles and our swing set, because it hadn’t been used for a while – all aesthetic opinions about our private property in our private back yard, with no hazard to Health or Safety.
4/12/2018: CA Superior Court, Bellflower, Judge Tsao signed an 2nd Administrative Inspection Warrant to allow the City to conduct a Fishing Expedition in our Back Yard (within the curtilage of a 6 foot fence).
We requested an ExParte Hearing in Court to Quash the Warrant, which was denied. The City used the Warrant to trespass on our private property without our permission to “inspect” our back yard.
2 Violations of our Right to Privacy and Property without unreasonable Search and Seizure, protected by the 4th Amendment and Article 1 of the California Constitution.
Now, they also want to tow away a vehicle that they say is “innoperable”, with no evidence, but try to use Municipal Code 44330 (G) to arbitrarily classify as “Inoperative”. These Municipal Codes are applicable on the streets or on City Property, but not on Private Property. Unlike State Codes relating to building, fire, safety, plumbing, electrical, health, labor, or zoning, Municipal Codes are not Law, don’t apply to Private Property, and can’t be used to get a Warrant under Code of Civil Procedure 1822.56.

Government is out of Control!
Cities, Counties, States and the Federal Government are overspending and over-controlling.
In the past, Cities have left the individual alone. The IRS, FTB, ATF, FBI, CIA and other higher govenment entities have been the ones to usurp power.
Now, Cities are getting out of hand, too.
Palo Alto v. Leibrand: Gardening Grandma Arrested for Failure to Prune
In Palo Alto, Calif., a 61-year old grandmother was arrested and almost went to jail,
because “her hedge of xylosma bushes was more than 2 feet tall”.
This was covered in the Monday, December 8, 2003 edition of the Daily Press, which commented “While she won her fight with cancer, she couldn’t prevail over city hall. But frankly, she shouldn’t have had to try.”.
Check out the grandma’s story at (Criminalizing Unsatisfactory Hedge Pruning)
Stockton arrests Lady for sharing Ceviche with PotLuck Facebook Group. 1, 2, 3, 4
Landlord helps near-homeless with low rents – City goes after him because repairs after vandalism aren’t fast enough. 1, 2
2 Peter 2: 2-3) warns us “and through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you”

Lakewood, CA allows Michael Downs to Harass Us thru the City

Michael Downs, the son of a neighbor, (who does not even live in Lakewood – apparently lives at 2257 Jeans Ct, Signal Hill), has been complaining to the City of Lakewood for years about our property. He doesn’t like our mini-RV parked in our driveway, but the Non-Opp status granted by DMV makes it legal. Because he couldn’t get the City of Lakewood to force us to get rid of the mini-RV, Michael Downs has constantly made PETTY COMPLAINTS to the City of Lakewood. Michael Downs’ PETTY COMPLAINTS are continued HARASSMENT, using the City as a pawn to harass us. It appears that the City has received complaints from him that:

our lawn isn’t green enough (in a drought, we should water less),
that our front flowerbeds weren’t pretty enough (so, we made them prettier),
that our front porch post had a small amount of chipped paint (so we repainted it),
that our bikes at the side of the house weren’t pretty enough (so, we put them behind a gate),
that we shouldn’t have a pet door to our garage for our cat to go in and out,
some Paint on the eaves in our back yard was chipping (so we painted there too),
my (tall) garden of wild spinach in my back yard didn’t look nice (now removed, season over),
we should remove the swing set and BBQ in my back yard,

We fixed every petty thing he complained about, except we’re not blocking the Pet Door in the Garage Door that our Cat uses, and we’re not getting rid of the swingset, BBQ, etc in our Back Yard. Michael Downs made a false complaint to the City of Dog Poop in the Back Yard, which SEACA quickly determined was false.

Lakewood’s Planning Commission found no “Public Nuisance”, so they ruled it was just a “Nuisance” – without Jurisdiction under color of law

The City’s Code Enforcement didn’t know what to do, so they finally asked the Planning Commission to see if we should be declared a Public Nuisance. At the Public Nuisance Hearing on November 3, 2016, it was obvious that nothing on our property rose to the level of a “PUBLIC NUISANCE’, so the Commission decided to remove the word “Public” and just make it a “Nuisance”. Sorry, Commissioners, if it’s not a Public Nuisance, it’s a Private Nuisance, which is not a crime and the City has no business acting on something that 1 neighbor doesn’t like.

Our House in 2013 – Was it Offensive? A Nuisance?

Our House in 2016 – Is it Offensive? A Nuisance?
Or just Retaliation for our Trump Sign??

Is this 9×9 inch Pet Door Offensive? A Nuisance to Whom?

How about our Back Yard? Is it Offensive? A Nuisance to Whom?

We’re tired of fixing PETTY THINGS that Michael Downs is complaining about!!
We fixed everything they asked except for their request to cover the Pet Door and throw away more possessions in the Back Yard.
They had a Public Nuisance Hearing on November 3, 2016, and they found that it was not a Public Nuisance, so they declared it a “Nuisance” (without the word “Public”) instead. Planning and Environmental Commission Resolution 14-2016.
California Civil Code says that any nuisance that is not a Public Nuisance under 3480 is a Private Nuisance. (There is no other). A Private Nuisance is a private tort by a neighbor that a City is not allowed to get involved in. Their is no “Municipal Affair”, nothing “public” and no “necessity for immediate abatement”
As quoted and stated by the California Appellate Court:

“While we have not found authority in California that states where the burden of proof lies, other jurisdictions have held that the municipality has the burden of proof of the nuisance and the necessity for its immediate abatement. (See Solly v. City of Toledo, supra, at p. 466; Crossman v. City of Galveston, 112 Tex. 303 [247 S.W. 810, 815, 26 A.L.R. 1210]; Lawton v. Steele, 152 U.S. 133, 135 [38 L.Ed. 385, 388, 14 S.Ct. 499].) We feel that the reasoning of these cases should be applied here. Such conclusion is consistent with the rule requiring the state to have the burden of proving.” Leppo v. City of Petaluma (1971) 20 Cal.App.3d 711 at page 718

The City of Lakewood is another City that is overeager to unnecessarily enforce Municipal Codes on non-City Property without any necessity, where there is no “Public” Nuisance or need.

Update March 13, 2017 (before City Council Hearing on Appeal 3/14/17):

The City Manager sent us a letter stating “…on March 9, 21017,Code Enforcement staff conducted a follow up inspection and established that the remaining two violations had been corrected sufficiently for the Community Development Director to determine that at this point in time that the property was in substantial compliance with the Lakewood Municipal Code.” and “RECOMMENDATION That the City Council accepts and files this report, as the subject matter of the appeal is moot and compliance with the original Final Notice of Violation has been accepted by the City.”

(The Pet Door and Back Yard have not been changed, but the City is backing off)


Agenda and Notice 11/3/16
Agenda and Notice 11/3/16,

Hearing Summary 11/3/16

Hearing Summary 11/3/16,

Resolution 11/10/16

Resolution 11/10/16, Appeal 11/14/16.

Appeal 11/14/16

Does Michael Downs have a pattern of Harassment?

1) CA Superior Court Los Angeles County Case # VD030155 TRO/Domestic Violence 6/18/1997
Loretta V. Downs v Michael Downs – to Protect Derrick 12/14/94 & Michael Jr 8/10/91 at 17825 Clark Ave Bellflower
It was alleged that Michael came several times and stole TV and furniture while Loretta was gone and a relative was watching the 2 kids.
2) CA Superior Court Los Angeles County Case # VS006831
Yolanda Batriz v Michael & Loretta Downs – Civil Harassment granted 10/8/1997
3) Michael Downs sued Long Beach twice:
8/17/1994-6/29/1998 CA Superior Court Los Angeles County Case # SOC074310
9/3/1987 – 9/23/1991 CA Superior Court Los Angeles County Case # SOC089152

Listen to the Audio of the Hearing and Decide for Yourself:

(Suggest Download 13MB) MP3 Audio of 11/3/16 Hearing
Notes of Times ofTestimony at 11/3/16 Hearing

Cities in California

In California, Cities have often gotten totally out of hand, so the Legislature had to start restricting them more.
In 1967, the ability of Municipal Corporations to issue Citations or Notice to Appear was repealed (former Penal Code 853.1 to 853.4).
In 1970, the California Legislature repealed provisions for municipalities to enact ordinances or regulations imposing restrictions equal to or greater than those imposed by the state. California Health and Safety Code 17958.5, requires that the Building Code can only be amended for geographical, topographical, or climatic reasons, not by whim..(see Briseno v. City of Santa Ana 6 Cal.App.4th 1378, 8 Cal.Rptr.2d 486 (4th Dist 1992), Building Insustry Assn. V. City of Livermore, 45 Cal.App.4th 719, 52 Cal.Rptr.2d 902 (1st Dist 1996), Baum Electric Co. v. City of Huntington Beach 33 Cal.App.3d 572, 109 Cal.Rptr. 260 (4th Dist 1973), Gonzales v. Santa Ana 12 Cal.App.4th 1335, Cal. Apt. Assn v. City of Fremont 97 Cal.App.4th 693.
Many Cities are using False Pretexts for Domination, usually labeled an unreasonable application of the Municipal Code or Building Code, because it is not for any needed purpose or exigent circumstance. “A legislative body may not, under the guise of the police power, impose restrictions that are unnecessary and unreasonable upon the use of private property or the pursuit of useful activities. (McKay Jewelers vs. Bowron).” In Chantiles vs. Lake Forest II Master Homeowner’s Assn, 37 Cal.App.4th 914,922, (1955), the Court terms the [government’s] actions as “a clear cut case of a ‘nanny state’ – nanny in almost a literal sense – going too far. These actions flew in the face of one of the most ancient precepts of American society and Anglo-American legal culture. “A man’s house is his castle” was not penned by anonymous, but by the famous jurist Sir Edward Coke in 1628.” “It is of far greater concern to effectuate an incremental whittling away of private property rights absent demonstrable public harm.”

Hurwitz v. City of Orange, (September 24, 2004) (cite as: 2004 WL 2129731 (Cal. App. 4 Dist.) “… a city’s finding of “nuisance” could be found by a trial court to be pretextual (as a cover for the substantive taking of property, or as here, a property right), this is it. “in substance, the sequence shows that the city was not using its police power to abate a nuisance. Rather, it was trying to use its police power to abate nuisances as a fig leaf to hide the rather naked expropriation of an existing property right.” “We need only add that there is precedent for the point that a public entity cannot mask what is substantively a taking merely by invoking its nuisance power.”

Most Cities have no charter granting them exclusive jurisdiction for “Municipal Affairs”, and thus, each as a Municipal Corporation with the limited powers of a General Law City, is subject to County and State Codes and Statutes, with which it is in conflict. (An ordinance which prohibits the same acts which are forbidden by state law is void to extent that it duplicates state law. People v. Commons (Super. 1944) 64 Cal.App.2d Supp. 925, 148 P.2d 724; see Municipal Corporations 592(2).
The police powers of a city under Government Code 38660 include the power to regulate construction, but not maintenance and use, unless they are unsafe for renters and the public: it is not designed to protect the owner from himself.

Health and Safety Code section 17912. “Rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to the provisions of this part and building standards published in the State Building Standards Code, relating to the erection or construction of buildings or structures, shall not apply to existing buildings or structures or to buildings or structures as to which construction is commenced or approved prior to the effective date of the rules, regulations, or building standards, except by act of the Legislature, but rules, regulations, and building standards relating to use, maintenance, and change of occupancy shall apply to all hotels, motels, lodginghouses, apartment houses, and dwellings, or portions thereof, and buildings and structures accessory thereto, approved for construction or constructed before or after the effective date of such rules, regulations, or building standards.”

Building Code 3401 essentially grandfathers in existing structures that are safe.
Many Cities still go beyond their authority in the application of Building Codes. The City’s Building Official, Code Enforcement Dept., and Dept. of Community Development all work under the auspices of the California Department of Housing and Community Development, whose vesting authority is delimited in 2001 California Building Code section 101.17.
Join us in returning Government to the People. Help us teach Renegade Bureaucrats their Constitutional Limits.

Contact Jim Krage at if you want to help.

DeKalb bills to abolish CEO and create Greenhaven city fall short in Ga. House By Tia Mitchell – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

DeKalb bills to abolish CEO and create Greenhaven city fall short in Ga. House
By Tia Mitchell – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Kathryn Rice speaks in favor of creating the city of Greenhaven during a press conference at the State Capitol last month. TIA MITCHELL/TIA.MITCHELL@AJC.COM

Posted: 4:36 p.m. Thursday, March 01, 2018

Two bills affecting DeKalb County — one eliminating the CEO form of government and one that created the path for the city of Greenhaven — failed to get a vote on the House floor Wednesday.

That means both measures are likely dead for the 2018 session.

Proponents of House Bill 644 said they were surprised to learn Friday that the bill sponsor, Rep. Billy Mitchell, D-Stone Mountain, was no longer in support.

“We found out a new person is going to present our bill and the map is going to change,” said Kathryn Rice, who has led the Greenhaven effort for four years.

Mitchell said he backed off the bill because fellow members of the DeKalb delegation were not on board.

Supporters say the cityhood bill is a fairness issue and that south DeKalb residents should get the chance to vote on forming Greenhaven. Opponents have argued the new city is a bad idea because of its large footprint with 300,000 people and relatively small amount of commercial property.

Although a committee approved the measure largely along party lines with Republicans in favor, it did not come up for a floor vote. Rice said she and others will huddle soon to determine next steps. They aren’t ready to throw in the towel.

“We don’t tolerate suppression of the vote from anybody,” she said.

Ed Williams, chairman of Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb, was happy with the outcome. He believes there should be a moratorium on creating cities until new procedures are in place.

“We hope the Georgia General Assembly reforms the cityhood process before it allows any other cityhood or annexation bills to be passed,” Williams said in a news release after the vote. “We hope DeKalb County will have completed its study on how cities impact its services and budget before any other cities are allowed to be created.”

+ The DeKalb Board of Commissioners and CEO Mike Thurmond discussed a special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST) in 2017.

The DeKalb Board of Commissioners and CEO Mike Thurmond discussed a special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST) in 2017. MARK … read more

A second bill that would have dissolved the county CEO position also failed to get a floor vote. House Bill 961 was introduced and approved in committee before DeKalb CEO Mike Thurmond and most members of the Board of Commissioners knew it existed. Rep. Meagan Hanson, R-Brookhaven, said she sponsored the legislation after becoming convinced the unique CEO government structure was causing many of the county’s issues.

In addition to facing criticism for being fast-tracked, the bill was panned by those who said DeKalb voters should determine whether the CEO position should be eliminated.

For two years, county leaders have asked members of the DeKalb delegation to create a Charter Review Commission that would come up with recommendations about how the government can operate more effectively. So far, the delegation has not acted.

Hanson said Thursday that she plans to file a resolution showing support for creating a study committee.

Commissioner Jeff Rader, presiding officer of the board, envisions a panel of private citizens and elected officials. If their suggestions include doing away with an elected CEO, he would put it on the ballot as early as 2019, Rader said. Thurmond, who was critical of Hanson’s bill, said he would support the formation of a committee.

“I will work with the DeKalb County Commissioners and the legislative delegation to establish a Charter Review Commission that includes a comprehensive review of our county government,” Thurmond said in a statement. “This will include robust public involvement and rely ultimately on the decision of DeKalb citizens.”


The AJC’s Tia Mitchell keeps you updated on the latest happenings in DeKalb County government and politics. You’ll find more on, including these stories:

DeKalb CEO focuses on water billing, but complaints persist

DeKalb effort to relocate Confederate monument generates no interest

Frustrations mount over bill eliminating DeKalb CEO job

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DeKalb County, Georgia, Proposed City of Greenhaven, They Were Not Ready for Ed Williams. Ed.D. Chair, Concerned Citizens For Effective Government

We have been fighting, not only Annexation into Stone Mountain, City Limits, but also creation and Annexation into a new City of Greenhaven. Some responsible, caring individuals, with their heads on straight have led the fight against Greenhaven.

We need more people like Ed Williams, Ed.D.

One such individual, Ed Williams, Ed.D. was an instrumental opponent who knows how to get people to understand the truth about what they were trying to accomplish, and it was not for the good of the people.

The email I received today:

Dear Resident:

I have attached a press release related to the recent failure of Greenhaven cityhood bill (HB644) to make it to the House floor for a vote o Crossover day

Ed Williams. Ed.D.
Chair, Concerned Citizens For Effective Government

Twitter @truthcrushthee2

Residents in Georgia have gone nutts! They have decided the way to get around a corrupt County, is to make all unincorporated areas, a city or part of cities. There has been a horrible Bill entered, to make whatever is left of DeKalb County, a city called Greenhaven. Sounds like a Cemetary to me, and a really, really bad idea.

So, to get away from County corruption, lets create a city that will be or will become as corrupt as the County. Don’t make a damned bit of sense to me. I think we are already over governmented as it is. If we can’t fix the County, we sure as hell don’t need a city…

Some other bright, and resourceful citizens have been involved in this fight for quite some time, and we thank them!

From their sites:

Help Us Stop Greenhaven. Contact the following legislators and let them know your are against creating the proposed city of Greenhaven HB644.

Senate State and Local Governmental Operations Committee

House Governmental Affairs Committee

DeKalb Delegation Members

One of the biggest issue with the Greenhaven feasibility study is that it was based on a 3 services model. It has since been reviewed by several lawyers which state that there cannot be a limit on services by a referendum or by charter millage cap, The feasibility study does not consider the cost of police, road maintenance, other services, If those costs had been included in the Greenhaven feasibility study it would not have passed See the attached UGA Peachtree Corners Charter review study which was based on 3 service model.

In addition, if you were to compare a city which has a much closer demographic and size such as the new city of South Fulton which was not limited to 3 services its costs are about $50 million a year for a population of 100,000 residents. Lets assume that fire services will remain with DeKalb county then we would substact $15 million from expenses which would result in a cost of $35 million a year for South Fulton. Contrast this to Greenhaven (300,000 residents) then real expense costs would likely be over $100 million dollars as instead of $18 million a year which was projected in the UGA CVI feasibility 2015 study, having 3 times the population of the city of South Fulton and a larger land size of 126 square miles compared to South Fulton 100 square miles.

Even if one were to leave police and fire with the county, the South Fulton annual expenses would be about $18 million a year. Since Greenhaven is 3 times the population, the cost would likely be about $54 million a year for the proposed city of Greenhaven, without fire and police. The UGA CVI feasibility 2015 study for South DeKalb (Greenhaven) projected total revenues to be 45 million a year, which would likely make it 9 million short.

Futhermore compare the assessed property value of South Fulton (100,000 residents) which was $2,704,407,283 while the proposed city of Greenhaven (300,000 residents) was 3,473,948,143. which is a 77% ratio. There is going to be a problem see the property values for each of the DeKalb cities compared to Greenhaven.

Also, note that Greenhaven reports do not report the median home value, however, they do report median income. Brookhaven and Dunwoody median home value are 3 to 4 times more than homes in South DeKalb. This has an impact on the amount of revenue generated from property taxes

The proposed of Greenhaven would be 10 times the land size of Dunwoody, the 2nd largest city in Georgia, 6 times as many residents as Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Stonecrest, and 9 times the population of Tucker. The City of Brookhaven and Dunwoody median home values are 3 to 4 times that of the proposed city of Greenhaven. Much more time is needed to evaluate the proposed city of Greenhaven creation in its current form before a referendum vote is scheduled. Most new cities were not created overnight including Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Johns Creek and Peachtree Corners. The time it took these communities to become cities. Sandy Spring took 30 years. Peachtree Corners 13 years Johns Creek 6 years Brookhaven 5 years Dunwoody 3 years Tucker 3 years Milton 1 year. It took Atlanta 150 years to reach a population of 450,000 residents. Most cities in Georgia have populations less than 15,000 people.

The City of Peachtree Corners residents raise questions about the legality of City Lite providing only 3 services with a millage Cap. The City of Tucker, Stonecrest, and Greenhaven are based on the same model.

2017 Property Tax Revenue Report for Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Tucker, Stonecrest, and the proposed city of Greenhaven

Winter/ Spring CACD Newsletter

Online Opposition Petition to the creation of the CIty of Greenhaven

Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb
(678) 304-7736
Twitter @truthcrushthee2

DeKalb Planning & Sustainability (Building Permits)

It never ceases to amaze me…

They cut down a 200 year old Red Oak.

This is where that same tree used to be. Now, it is a parking spot.

There is supposed to be a tree ordinance in DeKalb County, GA where you cannot cut down a tree this size without an arborist deciding that the tree is ill.

There was a dumpster there for 2 weeks the first time a dumpster was brought in. The toilet under the dumpster was there the second week, and when the dumpster left, the toilet stayed in the yard.

When we complained, they told us that we need to be more tolerant! What? A toilet sitting in the yard for 2 weeks, one of those weeks there was a dumpster there? Are you shitting me? No pun intended.

We were also told, that they have the right to work. Yes they do. BUT
You have people with no knowledge of construction doing major structural work to a house that they don’t intend on living in.

One look at the side of the house, tells you that behind that vinyl siding is a major problem.

Not to mention that vinyl siding does not wave up and down, but it sure as hell don’t curl upward for no reason.
But we have to be more tolerant.

A house that fifteen people in the neighborhood, who had all lived here 20+ years, and knew the history of the house, signed and notarized a petition to have the house demolished because no one has lived there for 30 years, the house is 77 years old, and the lines from the house to the septic tank dissolved 20 or more years ago.

But that’s ok, we must be more tolerant. A rat infested, hole with no toilet in it (No the toilet has not been replaced), with anywhere between 6-12 people working at a time, for 6-10 hours a day, and we are supposed to be more tolerant, because they have a right to work.

What is going to happen to the unsuspecting single mother moves in, thinking she has finally found a home, and the whole thing collapses on her and kills her and her child?


DeKalb County, Stone Mountain, GA Sex Trafficking

Brian Hernandez Acosta and his brother, Nilageo Alvarez Acosta, have been arraigned on charges of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of a minor, sex trafficking of a minor, and transportation of a minor for prostitution. A third man, Jaime Adam Riano, was arraigned on the same charges on April 13.

“These men allegedly preyed on vulnerable young girls by sexually exploiting them for quick money,” said U.S. Attorney John A. Horn. “This case highlights the danger that lurks on social media sites, where the defendants allegedly pursued some of the child victims.”

“These federal charges are a reminder that sex trafficking of minors continues to be a very real problem and that it is not confined to urban areas. This case further illustrates how law enforcement, working together across many jurisdictions and state lines, remains responsive in addressing this heinous crime problem that will forever scar those being exploited,” said David J. LeValley, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Atlanta Field Office.

“We are thankful for the work and success of all involved in this investigation that has ended the elaborate criminal enterprise these predators operated. The scope of their operation is a reminder that sex trafficking is a real danger for the young people in our communities,” said Chief Jason Parker, Dalton Police Department.

According to U.S. Attorney Horn, the charges and other information presented in court: Hernandez Acosta, Alvarez Acosta, and Riano allegedly conspired to traffic minor girls for commercial sex throughout North Georgia as well as in Florida and Tennessee. Beginning in or around November 2015, and continuing until December 2016, the defendants caused at least five girls between 16 and 17 years old to engage in prostitution, including by using force, fraud, and coercion.

Hernandez Acosta, after pursuing some of the girls on Facebook, allegedly posted provocative photographs of them in the adult entertainment and escort sections of, a classified advertisement website, to solicit men to have sex with the minors for money. The advertisements used fake names for the minors and falsely listed the minors as between ages 19 and 21 years, when in fact, they were all underage. Hernandez Acosta and Alvarez Acosta forced one 16-year-old girl to have sex with the men after driving her from Florida to Georgia to engage in prostitution, and after falsely offering the girl a place to live.

Riano often drove this 16-year-old victim to the locations where she engaged in commercial sex acts. Another 16-year-old high school student was driven to a residence in the Atlanta area to have sex with a man for $150, which was paid directly to Hernandez Acosta. The defendants operated a high-volume, low-cost business, requiring the young girls to have sex with multiple men each night and kept nearly all of the money they earned.

Hernandez Acosta, 26, of Dalton, Georgia, Alvarez Acosta, 31, of Tampa, Florida, and Riano, 29, of Stone Mountain, Georgia, were indicted April 11, 2017.

This case is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Dalton Police Department. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the Murray County Sheriff’s Office have also provided assistance.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Suzette A. Smikle and Dash A. Cooper are prosecuting the case.

Members of the public are reminded that the indictment only contains charges. The defendants are presumed innocent of the charges and it will be the government’s burden to prove the defendants’ guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial.

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