Donnie Edwin Johnson (Cowboy) Killed By Ex-Wife and Grady Memorial Hospital in 2014, May He Rest In Peace

Our best friend.  He is truly missed.

Yall listen to me now.  Things in this country are going to get really bad.  

Make me a promise, you will not put yourself into a position where your ex-wife will be making your health care decisions, especially if you were a wild one with the ladies.  

The ex-wife did not forgive, and she did not forget.  

She is biding her time.  

No matter how good you’ve treated her since yall split.  No matter how much you’ve tried to make amends for your sins.  

She did not forgive, she did not forget.

No one would have ever dreamed what happened would happen.  She got even.  Trust me, she did not forgive, she did not forget.

I have thought many long hours about what happened.  Promise me another thing too.  Don’t take prescription drugs that you are not already taking.  And for God’s sake, have some sense about yourself, and never, never, ever take drugs with serotonin – you know psychotrophic drugs.  If you do, you will see after taking them only a couple of times, that if you decide the drug is not in your best interest, you will not be able to quit and be normal.  

Hell, you are not even supposed to take an aspirin while on that drug.  So when the doctors slip that drug on in, and don’t tell you what is going to happen, when you quit taking it, and you think you are losing your mind, becoming paranoid, depression sets in,  you’re not able to sleep, not able to stay awake.  You decide that you need to go get checked out.  

Oh, they will check you out ok.  Remember, we are under Obamacare now.  There is an agenda.  An agenda that we are not supposed to survive.

Somehow between Barbara Ann Johnson, and the pretend doctors at Grady Memorial Hospital, Downtown Atlanta, they came up with a scheme when they saw what their playing guinea pig did.  There was only one way out.  Death to Donnie.

I am not sure who decided the lie that he was a drug addict was a good story.  Maybe to the outside world, but those who knew and loved him knows better.  He was a control freak.  He controlled everyone and everything around him.  Always.  A drug addict is in control of nothing, thus the reason he is an addict.

I will continue this story soon.  Very soon.   Promise me…no serotonin / psychotrophic drugs, no letting the ex-wife control your health care.  And always remember about the ex-wife, she did not forgive, and she did not forget.  Not if it has been 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, not even 40 years later.  She did not forgive, and she did not forget…. 

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