TEPCO, Japanese Govt. and Fukushima SUX!

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) SUX due to their lying about the radiation releases into both the air and the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima.  The Japanese Govt. SUX for lying to their people and the world about the amount of radiation released and the fact that they have hidden so much truth about the incident, and the hazards, from their citizens and the world.  Fukushima SUX, just because!!!  The US Govt. has decided to play ostrich, while the West Coast is bombarded with radiation on unprecedented levels.  It never ceases to amaze me when a new story comes out, which story is clearly the result of the amount of radiation that has been, and is being released at Fukushima.  There are articles out there about the baby gray whale that washed up on the shore out in California, the baby whale was the equivelant of a siamese twin; two rear tails, and two heads, joined in the mid-section.  They talk about this great mystery of what could have caused such a thing.  DAMN IT SHEEPLE, GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND!!!  FUKUSHIMA AND RADIATION IS WHAT HAPPENED!  Sorry about yelling, but, what the hell is wrong with everyone.  What part of major meltdowns in four units in Fukushima, do you not understand?  And what the hell is this curiosity over whether or not there is any relation to the radiation from Fukushima?  If sheeple are going to be so ignorant, feed them some Pacific Ocean Whitefish!

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