Residents in Georgia have gone nutts! They have decided the way to get around a corrupt County, is to make all unincorporated areas, a city or part of cities. There has been a horrible Bill entered, to make whatever is left of DeKalb County, a city called Greenhaven. Sounds like a Cemetary to me, and a really, really bad idea.

So, to get away from County corruption, lets create a city that will be or will become as corrupt as the County. Don’t make a damned bit of sense to me. I think we are already over governmented as it is. If we can’t fix the County, we sure as hell don’t need a city…

Some other bright, and resourceful citizens have been involved in this fight for quite some time, and we thank them!

From their sites:

Help Us Stop Greenhaven. Contact the following legislators and let them know your are against creating the proposed city of Greenhaven HB644.

Senate State and Local Governmental Operations Committee

House Governmental Affairs Committee

DeKalb Delegation Members

One of the biggest issue with the Greenhaven feasibility study is that it was based on a 3 services model. It has since been reviewed by several lawyers which state that there cannot be a limit on services by a referendum or by charter millage cap, The feasibility study does not consider the cost of police, road maintenance, other services, If those costs had been included in the Greenhaven feasibility study it would not have passed See the attached UGA Peachtree Corners Charter review study which was based on 3 service model.

In addition, if you were to compare a city which has a much closer demographic and size such as the new city of South Fulton which was not limited to 3 services its costs are about $50 million a year for a population of 100,000 residents. Lets assume that fire services will remain with DeKalb county then we would substact $15 million from expenses which would result in a cost of $35 million a year for South Fulton. Contrast this to Greenhaven (300,000 residents) then real expense costs would likely be over $100 million dollars as instead of $18 million a year which was projected in the UGA CVI feasibility 2015 study, having 3 times the population of the city of South Fulton and a larger land size of 126 square miles compared to South Fulton 100 square miles.

Even if one were to leave police and fire with the county, the South Fulton annual expenses would be about $18 million a year. Since Greenhaven is 3 times the population, the cost would likely be about $54 million a year for the proposed city of Greenhaven, without fire and police. The UGA CVI feasibility 2015 study for South DeKalb (Greenhaven) projected total revenues to be 45 million a year, which would likely make it 9 million short.

Futhermore compare the assessed property value of South Fulton (100,000 residents) which was $2,704,407,283 while the proposed city of Greenhaven (300,000 residents) was 3,473,948,143. which is a 77% ratio. There is going to be a problem see the property values for each of the DeKalb cities compared to Greenhaven.

Also, note that Greenhaven reports do not report the median home value, however, they do report median income. Brookhaven and Dunwoody median home value are 3 to 4 times more than homes in South DeKalb. This has an impact on the amount of revenue generated from property taxes

The proposed of Greenhaven would be 10 times the land size of Dunwoody, the 2nd largest city in Georgia, 6 times as many residents as Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Stonecrest, and 9 times the population of Tucker. The City of Brookhaven and Dunwoody median home values are 3 to 4 times that of the proposed city of Greenhaven. Much more time is needed to evaluate the proposed city of Greenhaven creation in its current form before a referendum vote is scheduled. Most new cities were not created overnight including Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Johns Creek and Peachtree Corners. The time it took these communities to become cities. Sandy Spring took 30 years. Peachtree Corners 13 years Johns Creek 6 years Brookhaven 5 years Dunwoody 3 years Tucker 3 years Milton 1 year. It took Atlanta 150 years to reach a population of 450,000 residents. Most cities in Georgia have populations less than 15,000 people.

The City of Peachtree Corners residents raise questions about the legality of City Lite providing only 3 services with a millage Cap. The City of Tucker, Stonecrest, and Greenhaven are based on the same model.

2017 Property Tax Revenue Report for Dunwoody, Brookhaven, Tucker, Stonecrest, and the proposed city of Greenhaven

Winter/ Spring CACD Newsletter

Online Opposition Petition to the creation of the CIty of Greenhaven

Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb
(678) 304-7736
Twitter @truthcrushthee2

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