I have lived in DeKalb County Georgia all of my life except for about seven (7) years in Gwinnett County.  James has lived in DeKalb County ever since  transplantation from Wisconsin in the very early 70’s.

Trying to get anything done in this County is like pulling the eye teeth of a tiger.  Damnedest thing I have ever seen.  This County has its own CEO.  Just try to get him involved in something productive!  The County Commissioners must all be sitting around rotating on their thumbs and playing angry birds or something.  No one is listening.   Hell we don’t care, we just work here for a paycheck.

Yea, I am made as hell!  You ever drive by where the County workers are working on a project, like a roadway or have one of those big diggie thingies, and a huge hole that they have dug; there will be 5-6 people standing around chewing the fat, while the fat guy on the big diggie thingie, is sitting back having a drink.  Not a damned person doing a damned thing.  Oh, by the way, a big diggie thingie is a backhoe.

It is totally amazing though.  Crime is through the roof, the Police don’t want to be employed here cause they barely get a paycheck, and are forced to work holidays without holiday pay.  There is so much extra baggage in the county, that they will close down a Fire Dept., or Library so that they don’t have to dump some of the dead weight.

Yea, I am, I am mad as hell!

What happened to the neighborhoods where we grew up and never locked the doors?  Where kids could be outside with 4th of July fireworks and did not have to worry about the idiot asshole next door shooting rounds from his 45 up into the night sky, and getting killed?  The same with New Year’s, or any of the big football games.  Anything and everything these idiots can go outside and shoot off a bunch of rounds, and you know they will be doing it.

Like Granny used to say, the County has gone to hell in a handbag.  Nope, don’t know exactly what it means, but it is true, it has gone to hell in a handbag.


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