07 15 2015

07 15 2015

Because of the raw sewage running down the driveway next to us, and having to smell it, risk disease from it for two and a half years, and wanting Board of Health, EPA, EPD, or anyone to address the issue and issue a cease and desist, we have again been retaliated against. We have contacted all of our elected officials to no avail. This is what we got for it. On June 15, 2015 while getting a cup of coffee, at 08:37 am, I saw someone messing around our gate. I went to see who it was, it was our less than friendly Code Enforcement Officer, J. Brown, leave the Warning on the ground, screamed at us at the top of her little lungs and went huffing off. One might wonder why she parked across the street for the visit. Code Enforcement Office opens at 08:30 am. She was at our house at 08:37 am, and it takes 20-30 minutes to get there from here.

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